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Thread: 1997 Honda Civic P0700 AND P0715 codes

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    Exclamation 1997 Honda Civic P0700 AND P0715 codes

    I have a 1997 Honda Civic EX V-TEC with 135k automatic transmission.The engine light is on, and it throws the codes P0700 and P0715.
    The car shifts all the gears very well like nothing is happening when it is cold, but when it is completely warmed up and I stop, the transmission stocks on first gear. Then if I keep accelerating, it shifts all the other gears very good, but when I stop and try to keep going, it stocks on the first gear again.

    Any help would be very appreciate!
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    Bad news first, Honda sets a speed sensor code, 3 out of 4 times, the problem is a internal trans problem (means it is slipping). The better news, Honda has also issued a TSB #98-081 for a 14 yr 150,000 mi warranty extension on a problem that sets the check engine light.
    There are a few tests you can do to confirm your trans isn't trashed.
    First: Check your fluid, engine off!
    Second: check for good connection and integrity of your wires and connectors to your trans.
    Third: You need to be mechanically inclined! Check your main shaft speed sensor and verify the resistance is 400-600 ohms.

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    Thanks for your reply, I do not know if my car is still under that warranty, since my car has branded title and I am not the first owner.
    I have spent a lot of days looking in all forums about that issue, so I changed the ECU, the mainshaft and coutershaft speed sensors, I flushed the Transmission fluid and I also added a cleaner. I cleared the codes and it does not seem to come back the check engine light again, but the first gear still slips. I will replace the linear solenoid tomorrow to see if it gets fix.

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    Were you able to solve the problem and if you did what solved it?


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