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Thread: Innovate widebands in stock and ready to ship!

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    Default Innovate widebands in stock and ready to ship!

    Ready to tune your own engine? Want to monitor your Air / Fuel ratios with superb accuracy? We have in stock the award winning Innovate LC-1 kits in stock and ready to ship to your door

    The Innovate LC-1 is a complete wideband controller built into the cable so that you don't have the mess of wires going all over the place trying to get your lambda readings. The included bosch wideband plugs right into the LC-1 for a sealed, simple connection.

    Has digital and analog outputs so you can use one output to go into your stock ECU o2 input, and the other to feed your a/f ratio gauge.

    In stock! More info and pricing here: Innovate LC-1

    HA Motorsports
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    Custom built chipped Honda / Acura computer systems! Hondata, Neptune, Crome, Jumper Harnesses, Chipping kits, and more!
    Nothing runs a Honda engine better than a Honda ECU!

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    Default Innovate widebands in stock and ready to ship

    I dont use that zex box anymore. I have a new system with the external solenoids.
    Tho I did hook it up the new system this way it did not work

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