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Thread: Minecraft

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    zed wanna get a server back up?

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    if you guys wanna play, i kinda found a server that might work

    area at 1100x and 2000z

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    i bought pocket mc for my tablet for $.10
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    swam like a mexi****** and found your place. im gonna set up shop righ tnear the edge of it

    I am addicted to Minecraft

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    on my mountain top? you're welcome to join that spot. its pretty cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Murder View Post
    zed wanna get a server back up?
    Sure. If people will actually use it that is.

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    i died. no way im walking/swimming all the way back there.

    was fun while it lasted

    I am addicted to Minecraft

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    you can just do /back on taht server and it will take you back to where u died

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    even if im only a guest? is it gonna work now that it happened forerver ago?

    I am addicted to Minecraft

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    I dunno. You can port to me next time i'm on if it doesn't work.

    you can do /sethome and /home too

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    got new server if you guys wanna join

    need ur user names to get you on the whitelist

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