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    So i just bought a 93 Civic DX. The guy who i bought it from didnt tell me that the alarm goes off after the car turns off. All i have is the key so i cant disable the alarm by hitting unlock door. i see a little like red light next to the steering wheel and it just blinks all day. there is what looks like to be a broken toggle switch. so if anyone can help thank you.

    PS can anyone tell me where the fuse is for the alarm?

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    can find the alarm bnrain just unplug it, if not see if you can find a small black valet/push button, If you can find the calet button turn th key all the way forward then push the button and then turn the key back off and then push the button again, that should put the alarm into valet mode and basically turn the alarm off

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    having the similar issue help with the solution guys please...
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