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Thread: Where is a IAC valve on a 2000 Civic Located?

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    Question Where is a IAC valve on a 2000 Civic Located?

    I need to clean or replace the IACV (idle air control valve) on my 2000 Civic EX, which has a 1.6l SOHC engine in it. I've got the service manual, but for the life of me I cannot find this IACV on the actual car. I know where it should be from the service manual, but I'm stuggling to actually locate it. Can someone whose cleaned or replaced theirs tell me where it's located? (And what needs to be removed to get to it?) Pictures are highly appreciated.

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    Default Really?

    that's just a link to a parts dealer, who doesn't even sell the pertinent part. Thanks for placing your ad as an answer to my question. It's quite useless.

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    Wow sorry I can't help the new guy.

    BTW it's not my ad.

    I don't work there or have anything to do with the automotive industry.

    Hey, I don't even drive a Honda.

    Good luck with your life with your attitude.

    Spa Yellow Pearl 92 Si D16z6
    9.85 and 145 mph 1.54 60 ft.

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    lol at hating on the only person that really helps out to the fullest extent on this forum.. go to the parts house and spend $140 on a new one and you will know what it looks like, asshole

    2 seconds of effort would have brought you to this page.. i feel like i wasted time on this post to help out a moron

    it is number 2 just in case you are to stupid to read

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    don't butter it up, Kenny, tell 'em how you really feel.

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    Its in the back of the Intake Manifold...
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