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Thread: 3D Max Black Carbon Fiber Vinly $4.55 sq/ft

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    Default 3D Max Black Carbon Fiber Vinly $4.55 sq/ft

    3D Max Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl
    UPDATED 6/25/10

    There is no minimum number of buyers required, so you can order whenever you are ready. Just go to Alternative ordering information is below prices. We accept all major Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, electronic check, money order, and western union. International please contact us for a shipping quote. We can ship anything worldwide. If you have any questions just post or contact us. Prices are subject to change without notice.

    $4.55 per square foot!

    • Comparable if not better quality then 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Vinyl, the most realistic looking simulated carbon fiber vinyl on the market.
    • It's a vinyl film that looks like real carbon fiber but is less expensive and more versatile. The film can be applied to any smooth curved or flat surface with ease. The 3D carbon fiber textured finish allow for light better then real carbon fiber.
    • Re-position able vinyl with adhesive technology allows for dry application over the most challenging surfaces.
    • 3D textured carbon fiber vinyl film can be used on gas tank cover, wheels, dashboards, hood, helmets, body works and any other object to give an appearance of 3D textured carbon fiber.
    • Needs to be applied dry and can be re lifted, repositioned and stretched before going over with a squeegee.
    • Can be laid down around compound curves, rivets & corrugation.

    Below are some examples of what you can do with this exceptional carbon fiber vinyl that is not scared of curves. Can be installed using dry method. Extreme curves will need 3M #94 Primer.

    $4.55 per square foot 1 sq/ft = 12" x 12"
    Max width is 61" wide. Please specify the size you want in the notes section. Popular sizes are listed below the pictures.
    USA Shipping - $6
    International Shipping - $40

    Go to to order with Credit card, Debit Card, or PayPal.

    The vinyl will ship out with-in 1 business day by US Postal Service.

    Popular Sizes
    Quantity 1 = 12" x 12" Sheet = 1 Square Foot
    Quantity 2 = 12" x 24" Sheet = 2 Square Feet
    Quantity 3 = 12" x 36" Sheet = 3 Square Feet
    Quantity 4 = 12" x 48" Sheet = 4 Square Feet
    Quantity 4 = 24" x 24" Sheet = 4 Square Feet
    Quantity 5 = 12" x 61" Sheet = 5.08 Square Feet
    Quantity 5 = 15" x 48" Sheet = 5 Square Feet
    Quantity 6 = 14.25" x 61" Sheet = 6.03 Square Feet
    Quantity 6 = 18" x 48" Sheet = 6 Square Feet
    Quantity 6 = 24" x 36" Sheet = 6 Square Feet
    Quantity 7 = 21" x 48" Sheet = 7 Square Feet
    Quantity 7 = 16.75" x 61" Sheet = 7.09 Square Feet
    Quantity 8 = 24" x 48" Sheet = 8 Square Feet
    Quantity 8 = 18.90" x 61" Sheet = 8.01 Square Feet
    Quantity 9 = 27" x 48" Sheet = 9 Square Feet
    Quantity 9 = 21.25" x 61" Sheet = 9 Square Feet
    Quantity 10 = 30" x 48" Sheet = 10 Square Feet
    Quantity 10 = 23.75" x 61" Sheet = 10.06 Square Feet
    Quantity 11 = 33" x 48" Sheet = 11 Square Feet
    Quantity 11 = 26" x 61" Sheet = 11.01 Square Feet
    Quantity 12 = 36" x 48" Sheet = 12 Square Feet
    Quantity 12 = 28.5" x 61" Sheet = 12.07 Square Feet
    Quantity 13 = 30.75" x 61" Sheet = 13.03 Square Feet
    Quantity 14 = 42" x 48" Sheet = 14 Square Feet
    Quantity 14 = 33.25" x 61" Sheet = 14.08 Square Feet
    Quantity 15 = 45" x 48" Sheet = 15 Square Feet
    Quantity 15 = 35.5" x 61" Sheet = 15.04 Square Feet
    Quantity 16 = 48" x 48" Sheet = 16 Square Feet
    Quantity 16 = 37.75" x 61" Sheet = 16 Square Feet
    Quantity 17 = 40.25" x 61" Sheet = 17.05 Square Feet
    Quantity 18 = 42.50" x 61" Sheet = 18 Square Feet
    Quantity 19 = 45" x 61" Sheet = 19.06 Square Feet
    Quantity 20 = 47.25" x 61" Sheet = 20.01 Square Feet
    Quantity 21 = 49.75" x 61" Sheet = 21.07 Square Feet

    Go to to order with Credit card, Debit Card, or PayPal.


    Go to to order with Credit card, Debit Card, or PayPal.
    You can order with any Credit / Debit card or eCheck just call us at 1-434-470-4469. We can take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover cards. We can only ship to the US billing address on the account.

    If you want to use PayPal you can send to [email protected] as long as you have a confirmed address from USA, UK, or Canada. Please note that a verified address does not mean that it is confirmed. We cannot accept PayPal if you don’t have a confirmed address.

    You can pay with money order or certified bank check @ Payment must clear before shipping. We do not accept paper checks.

    If you have any questions or need anything else for your ride just let us know. We have access to over 1800 brands of aftermarket performance parts, styling, wheels/tires, audio/video, & accessories.


    Justin DeMatteo
    Import Car Parts Plus - Online
    The Shop - Storefront
    1096 Huell Matthews Hwy.
    South Boston, VA 24592
    [email protected]
    AOL Messenger - SmoothGalant2
    Yahoo Messenger - importcarpartsplus
    MSN Messenger – [email protected]
    Google Talk – [email protected]
    Phone 1-434-470-4469
    Shop 1-434-830-1116
    Check out our sales in the Groupbuy/Vendor section.
    Import Car Parts Plus
    [email protected]
    We carry over 1800 brands of aftermarket performance parts, accessories, wheels/tires, body kits, and audio/video supplies.

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    Default 3D Max Black Carbon Fiber Vinly 4 55 sq/ft

    White vents on a black car is a hard sell I dont think it would look good. Plastidip is the cheapest way to go and if you take your time it will look good.

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    hi there...

    Does anyone know where to get N16 carbon fiber products here in Malaysia? Tell me more about the details...
    maybe can change one... :madu

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    I was just wondering if hood pins are required to install this hood or if it can be installed safely and securely without them. Also if anyone has any pics of it on their car, especially black ones please post

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    ive had hood props since before my first CF hood, so that shouldnt be a factor. i really only start noticing it in the 110 range, though the Custom Carbon one was like that on the fwy.

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    Love it mike Would be awesome to do the entire lower end of the car in that i.e. lower front and rear bumpers and the sills...

    what are your next plans for your car?


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    Im currently running Aero Catch latches on my Seibon hood and love them. I dont have a single complaint; they are top notch products and work flawlessly.

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    Youre one of the few running a VIS hood. 95 of people on here are running Seibon products.

    While hood pins are not necessary on a daily driven car, I would still HIGHLY recommend installing some. If you track the car, Im going to push for it even more in fact many tracks will require them. Ive seen carbon hoods give out at high speed and it is NOT pretty.

    Im currently running Aero Catch latches on my Seibon hood and love them. I dont have a single complaint; they are top notch products and work flawlessly.

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    WOW Great looking, authentic pieces...And some really nice quality components & work
    Some of the nicest Ive seen actually

    More info on the craftsman would be great

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    Ive got a 92GT and might be interested in a couple of parts. The trim piece around the shifter and the door handle trim pices for the door panel to start. Was thinking it would go nice with the gray gut.

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    Thinking about wrapping my interior burr wood trim around the dash, down the centre console and along the door panels in a subtle carbon fibre. Too much? What does everybody think?

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    Ive already done the rear lower bumper in the satin black, but no satin clear coat. The front is to be done as is the aluminium trim on either side as it is all milky and the only way to get it shiny is to machine polish it. That only lasts a couple of weeks. I could lacquer it but then if it fails Im stuffed. So satin black it is. Hadnt thought of the sills, will do them to.

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