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Thread: Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

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    Default Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

    $65 Shipped !
    BlackWorks 2" extended open end forged AL7075 magnesium alloy lug nuts are for serious racers, and or your extreme weekend enthusiasts. These are available in 12x1.5 thread pitch pattern. All lug nuts are hard anodized for strength and durability. For maximum results use our BlackWorks Extended Wheels Studs.

    Built By Notorious
    823 N 7th Ave
    Phoenix AZ 85007

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    Default Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

    Im getting a 1967 F-250 flatbed back on the road, and was given some Mickey Thompson 16.5" 8x6.5 wheels for it. They seem to fit fine, but I am concerned about the lug nuts not having a lot of thread contact with the studs due to the thicker wheel. The MT wheels are for tapered lug nuts, like the old steel wheels. What are the suggested solutions for this? Thanks

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    Default Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

    Hi, thanks for the info. Both SX4 alloys summer and Mazda 3 alloys winter fit the car well. Yes, I put a hub ring on the Mazda 3 alloys to fit the 60.1 hub bore. From what I have researched both alloys have a 60 degree taper on the lug nuts.

    Im still scratching my head as the lug nuts fit the specification for the SX4 alloy and seem to fit the mazda 3 alloy when I bolted them on for the winter season.

    I guess the mechanic has just made me question the lug fit and safety for winter driving...

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    Default Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

    Certain model hyundai accents or at least the last gen accents have own hubcaps that are held in my lug nuts. They also share the same lug pattern as the yaris

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    Default Blackworks Racing Colored Lug Nuts

    on the hunt for some 9/16 open end lug nuts, if you know of a place please share.
    Yes I already know they will be stupid expensive and over kill probably. my brother has a set on his drag car and they are approved by the NHRA and look fucking killer

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    "70xlt"I need the spring clip that holds the lug wrench under the seat. I have the jack handle and mounting bracket but need only the spring clip. Thanks

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    if your after some stock lug nuts try Billyboy cause when i bought his VRX rims off him i didnt need the stock ones so he kept them

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    Hey thanks for the info and help,

    I only picked up stock rims today and they didnt come with the lug nuts unfortunately,
    Ill hit up billyboy, hopefully he has them still
    lol tadz0rz, my local autobarn could only give me 8 lugs tops with washers in the proper size today

    Also while im at it,
    What goes on under the center cap and how do you remove it?

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    Hey there,

    Unfortanatley this post will only apply to Vrx or ralliart owners
    Has anyone changed their stock rims and lug nuts?
    Im after a full set of 20 if anyone has them?



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    Hey all,
    Just wondering where I could get some rails for a decent price for my lancer to install some racing seats, also how would i go about installing a harness? I pretty sure i cant swap seats for non airbag ones but oh well. Im pretty keen on racing seats but not the price of evo x ones ahah


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    Under the centre caps is the bolt that holds the hub assemblly onto the suspension strut you dont nedd to worry about it aslong as you dont touch it lol and its just held on by a big metal sir-clip

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    Im running lightweight Muteki Splinedrive Black lugs. Have to admit they look like the same cheap lugs as the ones from Autozone though, for 2-3 times the price.

    edit: I ordered them online. No good parts shops in Jax either.

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    i have some sweet two tone brand new Katzkin black/gray rear seats with red piping for sale if you ever find some racing seats for the front.

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    did you manage to find a replacement key or find a shop to take them off for you? Its kind of important.. you know. In case of flat tires and stuff.

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    I did speak with him directly and spoke about your car. You and I actually spoke about this via PM a while back when I was having issues with them.

    If you could price out a set for me the next time you stop into their shop, that would be great. Im in absolutely no rush at all as my car is in storage until the end of April.

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    I dont have any of the acorn style but I do know youll need the spherical seats for the OEM alloys. Check out Les Schwab, I believe they carry them.

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    My friend would definitely like those colored lug nuts!

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