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Thread: Blackworks racing weighted shift knob.

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    Default Blackworks racing weighted shift knob.

    Blackworks racing shift knob $50 shipped.

    Blackworks shift knobs are made from high quality stainless steel with a titanium finish.

    Built By Notorious
    823 N 7th Ave
    Phoenix AZ 85007

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    Default Blackworks racing weighted shift knob

    Im looking to buy a shift knob that is threaded.
    Of course the C280 has a unique design for the shift knobs that it doesnt allow for much modification to be done to it besides swapping knobs with other Mercedes due to how they are mounted on.

    My question is, has anyone managed to find a way to use threaded shift knobs on a W202?
    My last bet would to be try to either weld it or to glue it on, but Im looking for a more professional way of going about this.
    Any support would help, thanks

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    Default Blackworks racing weighted shift knob

    hey, im just really sick of my stock knob and in the market looking for something nice. IF are happy with your aftermarket knob please post up a picture.

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