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    What Year and model does the d16z6 come out of I really want to get a 95 honda civic 2 dr EX and do a complete rebuild.


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    It depends on which obd u are looking for. The D16z6 camein the 93 del sol si, the 93-95 civic si, and im pretty sure the 94-97 del sol si, not the del sol vtec that came with the B16A1 or A5 one or the other. The 96 97 del sol si has obd2, and they arent easy to come by

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    They are a great engine. I have one in my del sol , which i swapped in, and did an auto to manual conversion on. Arguably the best D series engine honda made. Note i said D series lol. Im not much of a fan of the Y8 vtec even though it makes 3 more hp then the Z6, the z6 gets better low end torque and acceleration

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    It really is a great forum. I love this place!

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    Thank you, this topic helped me a lot!
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