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Thread: The Saboteur - PS3, 360, PC

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    Default The Saboteur - PS3, 360, PC

    Anyone else given this a try yet? It's an open-world game set in Nazi-occupied France blah blah blah and you play as a heavy-accented Irish bloke named Sean who is a regular mechanic turned badass. Basically, it's another revenge story and your goals range from blowing up fuel depots to assassinations, WWII style.

    The game tries to be a lot of things (GTA, Assassins Creed, Far Cry 2, Prototype, Wolfenstein) but doesn't really succeed at any of them. The driving mechanics are okay (e-brake is fun), the shooting is pretty meh and some of the animation is downright dreadful. I think the most fun I've had with it so far is running people down in a Duesenberg and beating up topless dancers. Yup, aside from the nekkid boobage the game is pretty worthless. I can't see spending much money (or any) on this one. 6/10 for me, and i think that may be a tad generous.

    Bottom line: maybe rent if you're really into (and i mean really into) open world games, otherwise not much to see. Pandemic can do better...

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    It's pandemics last game.

    And it's meh.

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