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Thread: XMAS Special Blackworks Spring & Retainer Combo

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    Default XMAS Special Blackworks Spring & Retainer Combo

    Special extended until stock runs out.

    Blackworks Spring & Retainer Combo $250

    For DOHC VTEC B series & H Series Engines.

    Valve Springs
    BlackWorks dual valve springs are a chrome silicone alloy. These dual valve springs are designed and engineered for both high performance race/street conditions. BlackWorks dual valve springs provide maximum lift while preventing valve float and helps counter the effects of spring surge. These are a great match for naturally aspirated and forced induction engines. For maximum results, use with BlackWorks Ti retainers and high/low compression valves.

    Titanium Retainers
    BlackWorks CNC machined retainers are made from the highest grade titanium available. BlackWorks Ti retainers are machined to exact specs to help reduce the overall weight of the valvetrain, in result's of the reduced weight RPM's increase. BlackWorks retainer's provide some of the greatest assurance from premature wear associated with high RPM's. For maximum results use with BlackWorks valve springs and valves.

    Installed Photo
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    added install photo
    Built By Notorious
    823 N 7th Ave
    Phoenix AZ 85007

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    Default XMAS Special Blackworks Spring Retainer Combo

    My Rem. model 11 is missing the mag. spring retainer and Numrich and Jack First dont seem to have one for a 12 it mics out at .914 in for the tube. Any help out there?? Joe L.

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    1 w/ glenn. The cam shaft is being protected with the single spring start up, there shouldnt be any high rpm until after cam and lifters are broke in.

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