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Thread: problem w/ ecu or injectors??

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    Default problem w/ ecu or injectors??

    the car wont start with 650cc rc with crome ecu boosted program and tune for b16. now turbo runs just fine with prelude injectors and S200 tune and program for n/a. but i rather run it with the bigger injectors and and a boosted program.. which could be the faulty one
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    wow it sounds like you need to actually get it tuned and not run bs base maps

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    Ya you will need to get a real tune for those injectors definitely.

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    Default problem w/ ecu or injectors

    ID1000s would be the pick. They can be tuned to idle just as well as a 725.

    But in all fairness, I would of thought the RX8 440cc injectors were big enough for a Roxtrex setup...?

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