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Thread: JDM parts inside long list of items

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    msg back thanks you
    so great for you

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    Default JDM parts inside long list of items

    Good call JDM RHD drivers seat. Have read on the "other forum" they can be changed over to an LHD drivers seat without too many problems.

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    I was wondering if anyone can get the 00 EK9 RX pedals? I am also looking for the CRX SIR rear bass tubes. If anyone can get these please let me know thanks

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    I have some brand new E36 sedan body panels, that I had intended to paint and install, up for sale.

    All body parts have BMW part numbers and they are unpainted. These are not replica parts, they are indeed OEM, and condition is brand new.

    1 E36 Sedan Trunk Lid - 200
    2 E36 Sedan Right Front Door - 150
    3 E36 Sedan Nose Panel - 200

    Will post pics later tonight. For now imagine your parts, rust/paint/dent free.

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    sweet. i would like to get a can full of my nasty metallic brown so i can redo my rear bumper.....then the beast will be done 7 diff shades of poop brown

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    RHDRight Hand Driveclips are in reference to half a car cut behind the front seats.. So we would be able to do a RHD conversion.... So could you get your hands on any??

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    ... thats what ALL replica body parts are. the ONLY place you will find a genuine Mitsubishi part is from Mitsubishi, a supplier, OR 2nd hand from a vehicle owner.

    they dont say it is a 100 Original Mitsubishi part now do they...?

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    Hey Guys,

    I am now the lucky owner of my grandmothers 1979 stanza and I am wanting to fix a few things.

    I am looking for a bonnet, left-hand guard and left-hand doors.

    does anyone know if there is anywhere in Canberra to find parts for this car ???

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    Hi guys and gals, can anyone tell me where I can buy the little clips that go inside the chrome trim that runs along the bottom of the window on the doors. Have just purchased a car, started removing trim for paint, and found some of these are missing.
    Cheers, Rob

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    Ive got a 92GT and might be interested in a couple of parts. The trim piece around the shifter and the door handle trim pices for the door panel to start. Was thinking it would go nice with the gray gut.

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