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Thread: ARP Main Studs, ARP Head Studs - FREE SHIPPING!

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    Default ARP Main Studs, ARP Head Studs - FREE SHIPPING!

    We would like to invite everyone to checkout our completely redesigned webstore! We now have virtually ANY product you will ever need available to you 24/7 through our site! We currently are offering special sale pricing on all ARP products ordered via our online store. To view the ARP bolts and studs, please click on the link...


    208-4303 ARP Head Studs B18C (Integra GSR, Type-R, LS-VTEC)
    208-4302 ARP Head Studs B18A/B (Integra LS,RS, CRV B20)
    208-4601 ARP Head Studs B16A (99-00 SI, Del Sol VTEC)
    208-4306 ARP Head Studs B20 VTEC (B20B w/ B16 or GSR Head)
    208-4305 ARP Head Studs D16Y (96-00 Civic SOHC)
    208-4301 ARP Head Studs D16A/Z (88-95 Civic/ CRX D16 SOHC)
    208-4304 ARP Head Studs H22A (Prelude DOHC VTEC)
    208-4701 ARP Head Studs K20A2/3 (RSX, EP3)
    208-4307 ARP Head Studs H23A (Prelude 2.3 DOHC)
    208-4702 ARP Head Studs F20C (S2000 2.0)


    208-5402 ARP Main Studs B16A (99-00 SI, Del Sol VTEC)
    208-5403 ARP Main Studs B18C (Integra GSR, Type-R)
    208-5404 ARP Main Studs B18A/B (Integra LS, RS, CRV B20)
    208-5401 ARP Main Studs H22, H23 (Prelude DOHC)

    * All orders will ship within 1 business day!
    * Paypal, Visa, Mastercard accepted!
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    Check out our brand new SUPERSTORE!!

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    We also have available ARP Flywheel and Clutch Bolts, please email for more info! Thanks
    Check out our brand new SUPERSTORE!!

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