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Thread: T3 Turbine wheel \ housing question

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    Post T3 Turbine wheel \ housing question

    I have recently come across a t3\t4 turbo and i plan on putting together a kit to run it on a stock b18a1 running 6-8 psi. Going to be used for street driving.

    My question is if the standard turbine wheel will be too restrictive because I have not been able to find any other stage wheels to buy that will fit this housing. The housing is #20358-72 0.63 a/r standard housing and it does not have many options for different turbine wheels.

    Also the original turbine wheel is not the right one and may have been from a different turbo because the inducer is about 2.25" and the exducer is 1.75" and looking online the standard turbine wheel should be 1.802" 2.324" (via garret part number 409646-0051 T.I part No. 2-A-0296)

    Note: The turbine max seems to be inducer about 2.375" (2 3/8")
    exducer about 2.063" (2 1/16")

    Would this 'standard' turbine wheel \ housing combination work with a TO4B compressor on my application or would it be too restrictive? If pictures are needed I can take some.

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    that will be more than enough for what it seems you are doing. That turbo should be good for about 450-500 hp well over the 6-8lbs you plan on running.

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    Ah, I was not sure if the standard housing and turbine would be too small or not. I have done a lot of research and that's one thing its hard to find information on is specific housing sizes, their airflow, etc. Thanks for the input.

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    Exclamation Another question

    I bought a T3 wheel and its size is 1.802" exducer 2.324" inducer ( The turbine wheel Garret part number 409646-0051)

    The housing has "20358-72 0.63 a/r std trim" stamped inside the 5 bolt flange. The housing has a 2" exducer and about a 2 3/8" inducer so this seems to be the incorrect T3 turbine wheel or at least has alot of room.

    I am having trouble finding the right wheel for this housing it seems there is alot of clearance and I was wondering if this will indeed cause issues because I am sure it will not be very efficient in capturing the exhaust energy. Any help would be great, thanks.

    edit: Garrett number for housing is 430225-0013.

    edit2: found out that the T04E Turbine wheel "451311-0014" would be much closer to the right size. This seems to fit the T3 as well and in some catalogs says its for that housing.
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    I found out the information I needed. Turns out because the Garrett number is 430225-0013 for the "standard 0.63 a/r 20358-72" I have a turbine housing from a TB0322.

    So turbine wheels 409646-0052, 409989-0072, 451311-0003 and 451311-0014 will all fit in The t3 turbine housing (430225-0013). And any of these will fit in the housing with only minor differences.

    some of the turbos that came with this T3 0.63 a/r housing are

    So After I get the part needed I will have a T3 housing from a TB0322 0.63 a/r
    and the T72 old style P trim compressor wheel with a .58 A/R housing. Which seems like I found the information I needed but wanted to make sure its available here as well.

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    Default T3 Turbine wheel housing question

    Hello all,

    I have a 1NR-FE, and had a question about how to do an oil feed from an oil sandwich. My question is, since we dont have a cartridge filter, can anybody point me to a sandwich adapter that will work with the 1NR-FE housing? Thank you for your time

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    Default -

    This has been said somewhere on the boards and Iím not able to pin it down.
    What is the AR for the Sy/Ty 8cm turbine housing? Itís larger than the standard starquest, but whatís it closer to? The .57 or .63 or?

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