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    Hey guys,
    I make some really cool interior trim kits for Honda, Acura, and just abouit anything you can imagine. From Carbon Fiber to Wood look, to aluminums and more.
    If you are serious about having the best ride possible, these are a must have item.

    Interested? hit me up

    I have some installed photos also
    Matt Silcox
    Superior Dash
    Aftermarket Sales Manager
    PH) 800-741-3274 / 386-761-9439 Ex: 15
    FX) 386-761-3454
    e-mail) [email protected]

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    Do you have the stick on ones? Or actually replacing the OEM trim?

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    We need one more purchase for the group buy. You can buy just one piece and qualify for the discount. Doesnt anybody think their interior would look nicer with some REAL carbon fiber?

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    Thanks guys. I have been informed that since all we really need is a new headliner, sun visors and 1 other piece to make our interior look really nice that I have been given a reprieve and the interior color swap is off. ;D ;D ;D

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    hi there, has anyone just simply lacquered their black cube trim?Im after a fresher look and thought just a simple coat of lacquer would make a huge difference.any pics if youve done this?thanks.

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