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Thread: Which turbo Kit From where?

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where?

    anyone have any updated/good links for complete turbo kits. I have a ls vtec in my crx, already with low compression and upgraded fuel. I will need bigger injectors but thats about it. I am starting to look for my kit now. any suggestions. i only want to run about 5 psi around daily, but maybe 14-20 when it is needed.

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    you're not gunna be pushin 14-20 with stock internal..even if you only run it "when needed"


    or google PeakBoost

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    i was trying not to get into all the specs, but it is built already. It has all been machine and set up with upgraded internals.

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    oh then I say peakboost turbo kit w/ bigger injectors, higher following fuel pump and Hondata or Greddy EManage for the brains

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    Peakboost all the way!!
    ****Absolute Pro-formance****

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