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Thread: Which turbo Kit From where?

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Id suggest keeping the turbo runners small and even the small turbo. faster more useful spool.

    for a street turbo its always best to err to the small side unless your going nuts

    Id also wrap the manifold especially where the turbo charge pipe passes thru it...thats not doing any favors.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    The pictures arent coming up for some reason for me, but if it is the SS log manifold which I assume it is then the answer is NO

    I think uncle arther started off with one of those kits perhaps, maybe he can give you some feedback.

    As for the stainless manifold, well I know of one which found its way onto a DIY conversion of a friends mx5 and it ended up in the bin after the next owner of the car had it crack several times on many occasions with the manifold being less than a year old with few km travelled.

    Hope this helps,

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    a 450 pump and deka 80s will probably be maxed right about your goal on pump 92 . BUT if you think you will want more build the fuel system for more now 2 450s and 210 injectors will support your goal on e85 and have room for more. I myself am looking at a little john motorsportsLJMS stage 2 turbo cam. I am only giving advice on the research ive done. I am by no means any kind of expert. hope this helpsEdited June 7, 2018 by wantaSSS

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