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Thread: Which turbo Kit From where?

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where?

    anyone have any updated/good links for complete turbo kits. I have a ls vtec in my crx, already with low compression and upgraded fuel. I will need bigger injectors but thats about it. I am starting to look for my kit now. any suggestions. i only want to run about 5 psi around daily, but maybe 14-20 when it is needed.

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    you're not gunna be pushin 14-20 with stock internal..even if you only run it "when needed"


    or google PeakBoost

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    i was trying not to get into all the specs, but it is built already. It has all been machine and set up with upgraded internals.

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    oh then I say peakboost turbo kit w/ bigger injectors, higher following fuel pump and Hondata or Greddy EManage for the brains

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    Peakboost all the way!!
    ****Absolute Pro-formance****

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Greddy have the Scion Bb/Xb turbo kit which retails for 2995.00 It was never test fitted on the Scion and most likely will not work because the piggyback Emanage computer was pretuned for the Scion ECU. Thats not to say that it cant be "made" to work but you will have some extra time and expense associated with trying to make everything work.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    These are all fictional but I found it true, there is a video game too that is The Hobbit which is exactly opposite from this. Has anybody try this game before?

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    there are no drop in kits period you need a custom kit. like said above. clock the turbo down so the charge pipe doesnt have to go up over the engine.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Ive only seen one ever, since we dont get that version here. Best to try to buy overseas where they have the turbo version.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Cheeers Dan,its often not as simple as u thought it might be. Perhaps I might try one of those kits and see how it goes, Ive been running around 14 psi and it seems to b going ok. If it craps itself Ill look at a turbo change

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Looking to buy a Tanabe Medallion touring exhaust from a Canadian retailer.
    Would rather not buy in USA because of costs and delivery

    Anyone have any sites or ideas ?

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    The simplest way would be to buy the begi kit and build a custom manifold to suit RHD for that.

    That would be what?

    5k total?

    Including management.


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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    HAHAHAHAHA yeh kinda what i thought..

    Damn.. well there is a 2nd hand GREDDY kit on ebay at the moment for 1500.. might have to check the bank balance..


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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    The Se turbo is an IHI model RHF5, specifically a VJ35. All RHF5 rebuild kits fit it, they did new bearings and seals, balance and testing. It lasted about 1 hour on 14psi.

    Id move away from the IHI if I were you but it is expensive.


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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Thanks for your answer..
    The problem is the MAF sensor, with greddy Emanage Ultimate I can eliminate the MAF sensor with "Airflow Output" map but I have need of the values of the MAF sensor with stock engine volt at all RPM.
    Someone could help me?


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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Hi, I have a Yaris 1nzfe with:

    Greddy turbo
    Greddy emanage ultimate with sensor pressure
    Injector 380cc
    Fuel pump
    Cp pistons 9:1 cr
    Pauter roads
    Greddy elettronic overboost

    I have mapped with 18 psi turbo pressure but the MAF between 3500 - 4500 rmp is cliping.

    Could I eliminate the toyota Maf?


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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    My only suggestion is to not skimp on the exhaust manifold. Nitrodann all the way Im currently researching converting my na6 and Dann was the first person I contacted

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Do the swap and boost that. If I hadnt done had the engine I have now I would have done the swap then boost it to 8-10psi. That should get you to 220 easy I would think. Might even be able to do it without a fuel system upgrade either.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    I do plan on a build after I get the initial install of the turbo kit done. I work at a dealership, so I can get some decent prices on used engines. I plan on doing a build on an engine stand on a second engine.

    I want this project done, but not gonna rush anything.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    I am thinking about installing an MMI Twin Turbo Kit on my truck. It already has a 4L80E transmission. The kit is on amazon. Anyway, what I am wanting is help on what else I will need to buy with the kit. I know I will need bigger injectors, I just dont know how many lbs/hr. I also plan on installing a high flow oil pump with this kit as well. I will be getting it tuned on a dyno after the install. I also plan on replacing the head gaskets, intake gaskets, and lifters at the same time. Thinking about a cam, but not sure where to go with that either. Looking for any advice that I can get. I am wanting to put around 600 horsepower to the ground. Not trying to get too crazy with the boost.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    we are hoping to keep this kit around the 3k price range. Our clutch will work on the Yaris platform. We will also have a puley and some suspension mods out very soon...

    Thanks for the support and let us know if you would like to see anything else for the Yaris that does not seem to be in the pipeline.

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Had to check your name again. Just saw a beautiful red NA with flat black hard top. Number plate MXW00W thought it was you

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    Default Which turbo Kit From where

    Thats good to hear Brett, good deal on the bottom end. I think were going to have are next meet at Sonics this time just trying to figure out which one, Ill know for sure next week.

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