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    Hi can anyone please help me i own a Civic EG 1343cc D13B 1993 carb manual gearbox and would like to know which other Honda engine would i be able to fit in its place without changing anything but the engine i have been told that a D15 or D16 will fit directly without any modification as long as i fit the manifold and carb from my old engine and i would not have to change the ecu or wiring is this correct if not what would i need to replace if i was to fit either the D15 or D16

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    Quote Originally Posted by jagass View Post
    That's pretty tough man...
    you are a fucking moron...stop posting on this site you idiot.

    Ok to the OP.

    If you get a full dropout complete with wiring harness and ECU, you should be able to drop in any d-series motor with no problems. The wiring is simple and should replace your harness with ease, just get a Haynes manual for reference and you will be fine.

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    there's no point in keeping yoru carb cuz basically yoru carb is jetter for a 1400cc motor. with a 1500 cc it will go lean. with a 1600 cc it will blow up cuz it'll be toooo lean.

    if you know nothign about tuning. save up cash and get a proper swap full motor harness and trans. axles, etc.

    take the time to learn how to do th ewiring, and get everythign working. you'll LOVE it soooo much more when you finally finish it. no matter how long it takes.

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