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Thread: Custom JDM Wakaba Badges Vietnamese Chinese Philipino Cambodian Domokun

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    Default Custom JDM Wakaba Badges Cambodia Shocker Filipino Domokun + Free Badges

    Customized JDM Soshinoya Wakaba New Driver Leaf, Koleshiya Elder Driver Teardrop & Non-JDM Shield Badges for sale

    Designs available:
    Japan Rising Sun
    Japan Rising Sun w/Shocker
    Black Shocker
    You Like This (facebook style)
    You Mad?
    Forever Alone
    Dominican Republic
    Puerto Rico
    Laos (Red Elephant)
    I Love JDM
    Hello Kitty
    Plus many many more designs

    Types available:
    Suction cup held Leaf shape
    Suction cup held Teardrop shape
    Suction cup held Non-JDM Shield shape
    Magnetic Leaf shape
    Magnetic Teardrop shape
    Magnetic Non-JDM Shield shape

    Starting at $7.49 for each badge
    Shipping is $2 for up to 2 badges anywhere in U.S.
    Local pickup available in Oakland, CA
    *International shipping please contact me

    Custom designs
    I also make custom badges. I can do your country flag, your crew logo, perhaps your football team for a few dollars extra.

    FREE badges?
    Like my facebook page to get entered in monthly drawing for a free badge of your choice! One click is all it takes: facebook page

    For complete list of designs and more pictures, and to purchase
    PM me or visit my site
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    Custom Badges FTW!
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    I know you guys' pockets are recovering from valentines day but I also know most of you just got a paycheck. You spent on your lady, now its time to treat your other baby out to a badge!
    Custom Badges FTW!
    [email protected]

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    oohh from oakland,... i may have to grab a few when i go back home... San leandro......

    pm me
    90 Crx HF in the making of another vitara setup!!!
    Vouches HHU : jkm3093, Jirro91

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    make me one that says HMT on that bitch...
    90 Crx HF in the making of another vitara setup!!!
    Vouches HHU : jkm3093, Jirro91

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    first day of the month bump!
    Custom Badges FTW!
    [email protected]

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    spend your paychecks on badges!
    Custom Badges FTW!
    [email protected]com

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    bump for elder badges available now!
    Custom Badges FTW!
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    got my badges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punisher11 View Post
    got my badges.

    XzYBiT is Punisher11 Approved.
    just got ur pm, sorry for the late reply, i dont check this forum too often. But great u got ur badges. thanks for the vouch
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    Custom Badges FTW!
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    its the 15th spend ur paycheck bump!
    Custom Badges FTW!
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    ordering is now easier than ever
    Custom Badges FTW!
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