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Thread: Random Picture Thread

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    Default Random Picture Thread

    I thought we could use a thread to post your random pictures taken. Its for those times you don't have a set to display or just want to show off a few photos. Exif data would be great if you have it.

    newly edited.

    Camera: Nikon D70
    Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
    Aperture: f/4
    Focal Length: 30 mm
    Mode: Program

    SB-800 fired on camera bouncing off the left wall with TTL

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    2008 TSX 6mt navi

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    love the idea! now i dont have to create a new thread everytime

    this should be sticky'd.

    well here is mine.. kinda basic not too much editing.

    shot with a Nikon D40

    here is another one of my favorite pictures

    shot with a Sony Cybershot point and shoot. edited by a buddy of mine.

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    ill sticky this.
    and we need nudez
    2008 TSX 6mt navi

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    Here are a few from when my company sent me down to Bakersfield to take shots of the power plant we are building.

    Pretty interesting shit... If you are into that sort of thing, ha.

    It's no different than men and maggots or wolvs fighting dragons. Or men riding dragons throwing wolfs at maggots... We can team up, you and I. We will rise out of the ground ourselves. We'll build our own tripod but ours will have 4 legs.

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    The one of the tower and the one right after it are my favs. Pretty flippin sick man! The sun beating in is a nice effect.

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    my doggie!

    PS.. The shirt was from a friends old band

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    Kinda a little idea i had...then i got a lil too into it breaking out the flashes and shit

    shot with my Nikon D40
    using my Vivitar 285HV Zoom Flash.
    and using a Nikkor 20mm 1:2.8 D wideangle set on shutter prefered, F5

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    oh dang you have a 20mm 2.8 nice. im quite jealous of that one. i just got a mint 55mm 3.5 macro off ebay. but just to find out it's an F mount and will kill my camera if i try to use it.

    i got my moo cards yesterday in the mail

    Camera: Nikon D70
    Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
    Aperture: f/10
    Focal Length: 50 mm

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    Quote Originally Posted by hero by day View Post
    oh dang you have a 20mm 2.8 nice. im quite jealous of that one.
    yeah sure do. my dad gave it to me a LONG time ago. it acts REALLY weird on my D40 though. it says its missing the F-ring and have to take the Aperture-direct-readout scale to the lowest level and set the Minimum Aperture Lock for it to work.....
    and the AF doesnt work for some reason. its a great little lens though and is super clean for how old it is. not a scratch on it

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    Shot with a cheap ass point and shoot

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    so the gym was packed today when i went so i said fuck it and left. went for a walk instead. took my camera, my Nikkor 18-55 lens and my Nikkor 20mm lens with me. just had some fun shooting. took quite a few pix..but these are the ones i liked the most.

    lemme know what ya think!

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    looking good matt. alittle heavy on the saturation side so maybe add a tiny bit of hue. if your going for the really colorful angle with the keep blue skies you might want to look into a polarizer. I like the simple black border as well. much improvement.

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    Those are looking so much better bro. Seriously good work. The only complaint I have is the last two. The second to last with the green plant seems kinda blown out in a few spots. Overexposed a little is basically what that means.

    The last one seems like the saturation on the bottom part of the pic is WAY up. Maybe that's just how it looked when you took it? For example look at the trim on the building and the leave on the ground. The almost seem straight orange haha
    It's no different than men and maggots or wolvs fighting dragons. Or men riding dragons throwing wolfs at maggots... We can team up, you and I. We will rise out of the ground ourselves. We'll build our own tripod but ours will have 4 legs.

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    Yeah I was lookin into the polerized filter the other day... Think imma pick one up when time comes to order my new lens. But I see what your talkin about with a bit over saturated, I tend to do that...

    And Pencil, yeah the last one the house came out a bit weird color...I almost cropped the house out.. But decided not too last minute, maybe I should have

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    i once read your first 10,000 shots are going to be your worst. thats definitely true i look back at my older stuff and it's just awful i mean really bad. Im to the point where i don't even think about composition it becomes more natural. Your stuff is getting better and better so just shoot shoot and read as much as you can. the more you know the better you will be able to apply it later on. the more you shoot the more your personal style will come out then i think we are going to start seeing some amazing stuff out of you.

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    Yeah, gotta have a learning curve. And practice makes perfect! I can see where that would deff be true. I saw my buddy transition completely due to that.

    And for it coming natural thing, its amazing how some people just grab a camera click away and 4 seconds later you taking perfectly lit pictures. I'm starting to understand more about it, I played a lot with shutter priority today and the Fstop and what not. And started to get a good concept of it!

    So I will continue to shoot and post cuz your guys advise helps so much! Everytime I'm shooting now I either think "oh jeff said this.." Or "Broke said this" so it really helps

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    Last edited by HunteR; 12-05-2008 at 09:48 PM.

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    Firstpicture is dope as hell!

    I can't see the 2nd or 3rd picture for some reason! Hmmmm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by civcmatt View Post
    Firstpicture is dope as hell!

    I can't see the 2nd or 3rd picture for some reason! Hmmmm!
    Should work now. I dont have a real host at the moment, so Im using

    Really badass site by the way, possibly deserving its own thread. You can upload your pics and assign a location to them that will then show up in google maps. Tons or great photography on there, and a good way to put your pictures out for all kinds of people to see.

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    Yes they work. I really like that last one. Its a nice frame!! The middle one is pretty but its my lease fav outta the 3... Its not a bad picture, but to me seems boring compared to the other 2, if that makes sense...

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    great work hunter the first is my favorite. im a sucker for blue skies and clouds. here is one from last night some more off camera lighting. This was also in the dead of night at 9:00 i like the daytime feel the strobes give it.

    Camera: Nikon D70
    Exposure: 0.017 sec (1/60)
    Aperture: f/2.8
    Focal Length: 50 mm
    ISO Speed: 200
    Exposure Bias: 0/6 EV

    sb-600 on the left of camera shot into a bounce back umbrella since CLS wasn't picking it up with a shoot though. sb-800 on the right of camera with shoot though umbrella triggered with CLS and shot in TTL

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    dude that whole shoot is amazing! its a great idea! and looks amazing!

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    so here is the weekend shots....this first one was kinda a cool 50 50 on if im a fan or not.... but still thought id share

    this next one was at our high school state football championship. again i HAD to stay in the stands. i was going to go down lower, but i PHYSICALLY could not move. there were SOOOO many people. they were sitting in the aisle, and i just couldnt even move. (not even to pee! had to hold it) so thats why im not going to bore you with the same type of shots i got as before.

    but this little girl was so damn cute, she was following the cheerleaders around trying to mimic them

    this next one i took for a friend of a friend..its her daughter, i thought it was kinda a neat pose she had during their half time show. (its the dance team)

    this next one i thought captured a great moment and has a great deal of meaning behind it.. the dad was in the same high school and actually took State in 1979 (or 1980) and the high school hasnt won since. so the dad helps coach, and both of his boys are on the team, and this is the first time they have been this far to get to the state game since 1979/80. however they lost 26 to 21. and this is after the game. a father son bonding moment type situation.

    this next picture i feel REALLY bad getting, but i really think it captures the true importance of the game to Justin(pictured) and how he felt about it. personally i think its a very strong photo.

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