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Thread: Is it possible to run A/C

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    Default Is it possible to run A/C

    Could it be possible to run that kit with air conditioning, if so, what would it take?

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    Why don't you ask them why it says you can't run A/C.....I'm betting it has to do with the intercooler placement interfering with the condenser

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    the page says "non a/c compatible. In most cases, the reason for turbo kits not being a/c compatible is due to turbo placement and downpipe angle. AFI is a great company. You should ask them if they make an A/C compatible kit. If not try RLDfab, Peakboost, or Full-Race. I know they make a/c compatible turbo kits with the ramhorn style manifold.

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    thanks guys.
    I'm trying to price out everything I want for a teggy build up

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    you can always get someone who knows how to build a proper kit and keep yoru ac.

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    Default Is it possible to run A/C

    i have read/ heard that petrol or gas needs ideally a different engine set up timing etc etc and to get them to run dual fuel they need to be set at a compromise between the 2, and that an engine that was LPG only might run more economicaly than it does set for dual fuel
    is it possible, what modification would need to be made to the engine, valves timing etc etc
    has it been done, can it be done

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    Default Is it possible to run A/C

    We run on CB channel 13 if you need to call for help. I dont know the HAM channels off the top of my head but I can post them later. We are always willing to help fellow wheelers if needed.

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