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Thread: Is it possible to run A/C

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    Default Is it possible to run A/C

    Could it be possible to run that kit with air conditioning, if so, what would it take?

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    Why don't you ask them why it says you can't run A/C.....I'm betting it has to do with the intercooler placement interfering with the condenser

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    the page says "non a/c compatible. In most cases, the reason for turbo kits not being a/c compatible is due to turbo placement and downpipe angle. AFI is a great company. You should ask them if they make an A/C compatible kit. If not try RLDfab, Peakboost, or Full-Race. I know they make a/c compatible turbo kits with the ramhorn style manifold.

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    thanks guys.
    I'm trying to price out everything I want for a teggy build up

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    you can always get someone who knows how to build a proper kit and keep yoru ac.

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