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Thread: Post Pics of your Civic/Crx/Del Sol

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    Default My New Aquisition

    I just picked it up yesterday 5-13-2011.
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    Default My first project car 1989 Honda Civic wagon

    I just bought this 2 weeks ago...
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    Picked this up a few weeks ago! Brian wanted me to post the pics.

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    Default My '91 rex

    here are a couple of pics of my rex just got new paint job a couple of months ago, the car is still stock and still running on the original Si engine its only got 187,000 miles on it

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    the civic was my second car, but i will always wish it were my first car! i love my civic! hoping i'll love the accord i just bought as much as my civic. can't believe i'm selling the civic for $3000. boo hooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Nice ride!!

    Thx for serving! Nice car!!!

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    My 1995 dx Hatch
    15x7.5 0 offset rims
    TruHart front and rear camber kits
    skunk 2 coilovers
    after market Intake
    after market headers

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    My old civic:

    My EK Civic - four.door.
    Turbo D16 R.I.P. - cracked ring
    USDM B18C1 R.I.P. - spun bearing
    B20/VTEC in the works...

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    Cool pic off of galaxy s3 phone

    20150627_215912 - Copy.jpg20150607_115358.jpg mods black enkie rpf1 with 195/50/15 yokohama s drives, koni yellow ground control 350lbs front, 250 rear. moog upper A arms, moog lower control arms, Beck/arnley lower ball joints, energy suspension bushing swaybar kit, Trust front and rear strut bars. ordering in few weeks Asr lower control arms, 32mm asr hollow sway bar. no exhaust not untill motor swap don't want to wast money on piping just yet. oh yeah original paint and clear coat from 89'' paint still in top notch condition and shines
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    2 pretty for the steets very nice

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    I am a new member, I am driving a 2005 Honda Civic, after 15 years of use, it still runs very well, not having to replace or repair too much.

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    Default -

    looks good.... I think itd look better with those black housing headlights though...

    I cant believe you dont get shiot for having nitrous and its just sitting there.

    post some pics of the engine bay.

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    My dad's classic Civic, but we have to let it go a couple of years ago.
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