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Thread: Honda Girl?

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    I didn't get to see it.....
    Hey grizzlybear, do you know this person?
    RHS 4-0

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    Falder i just noticed your new avatar. thats money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honda_Girl View Post
    love it
    Yea, i know a lot of people that love getting shit on. Its okay. really, its okay.
    2008 TSX 6mt navi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falder View Post
    I didn't get to see it.....
    Hey grizzlybear, do you know this person?
    nope but he seems to suck my cock from far away

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    damn, I missed the load in the face video?!

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    Default Honda Girl

    I Have recently bought a Rover 620 with a 2 litre 16 valve Honda engine is there a type/ref no for this engine? also any sites with good info on this engine? thanks

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    Default -

    Not very often I would choose a Suzuki over a Honda but in this case I agree with everyone else. Not even close.. That Suzuki is a really nice looking bike The Honda, not so much.

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    My wifes 1988 Honda Civic 4-dr had that problem too, along with a problem defrosting the windshield in winter and removing the condensation on inside of windshield on rainy days.
    Not my choice Honda BS.

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