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Thread: anyone know of a s/c kit for F22A

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    Default anyone know of a s/c kit for F22A

    Hey everyone I just picked up a 93 Prelude for a price I couldn't refuse but it has the F22a which isn't horrible for power but it definetly isn't a H22a.Since the engine runs perfect and has a new timing belt, water pump and everything else new behind the timing cover I don't really want to do a swap.So I started looking around to to find a supercharger kit as a simple way to beef up the power but cant seem to find any complete kits.I'd like to make it quick and painless so does anyone know of a kit or has anyone successfully installed a s/c on this engine?I'm a licensed tech so there's nothing technical I don't know about this type of project ,I'd just like to make sure I don't have the car torn apart tryin to figure out what will work.Thanks

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    pro charger makes universal kits. require a little fabrication but it would work.

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    procharger makes great products too.. you will more likely see alot more power with a pro charger than a jackson racing product

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