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Thread: SVO Manifold on D-Series motor.

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    Default SVO Manifold on D-Series motor.

    One of my buddies friends was telling me this. For the record before everyone starts to make fun of me I don't believe him but i'd like to know for sure. He said that the Ford SVO Turbo Manifold would bolt up to a D-Series motor. From the older Turbo 4-Cylinder Mustangs and Thunderbird's. If it were true that'd be neat, I could go to a junkyard and get a manifold, which would be a lot better than an Ebay one. However, I just don't think that it would work. Any one know for sure?
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    I'm gonna go with no

    I am sure the only reason you are not being horribly flamed right now is because its Sunday

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    I dont think so neither. I've been around homemade turbo set-up for a while.... I would've heard of this by now. I agree with the above statement....

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    thats a no go!
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    Avoid taking advice from people named Jay.
    Inundated with broken shit.

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    Use the turbo off of it not the mani

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    Oops my bad, this $h!t old. Still smells though.

    92 HONDA CIVIC EX (EH9) D16Z6 Vitara build and stuffing boost down her throat!!

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    None of those will survive in a turbo manifold. The highest rated locktite is 350c

    I have and use resbond. Its rated to 1200c.

    I could send you some but id have to charge 10 bucks plus post because its nearly 200 for a small bottle.


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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Looks like.. Just get one from the yards and have it match ported to your head.. Probably better option.. And cheaper one would assume..

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    multifit will be for cast iron head. id also just do the machining of the mating faces and file out the mounting holes till they fit.people have used a J pipe off the stock manifold with success so any manifold is probably better than that.

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    ive tried the regular header paint and it just turns like a powder color and starts looking shitty. thats what i have now i just have header wrap all over it lol.

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    That header paint works great, if done correctly- Its much harder to do on a turbo manifold, because of the time it take to mount it back up and get everything hooked up so you can start it to help cure it- Wrap is a great way to go, no doubt. And if your header is glowing...... Id go with the wrap and Id check out how hot you are running that motor too

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Ive bought a Series 2 Li125 thats arriving later in the week and was wondering if I can fit a SH1/18 onto the S2 manifold to get it up and running as Ive got a good one on the shelf. Thx.

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Regrind cams sounds fine to me. Ill do those, springs, and possible port and polish. I am interested in the golden eagle manifold, what tb flange options are there?

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Not sure if youll need to remove the top mount intercooler, but RacerX, Full Race, and Doc Racing all make manifolds for the gen3 motor. Be warned...itll cost you

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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Oh yeah thanks 6gc,

    Yes its similar to ebay etc, But its new zealands version of it,

    Yeah i thought the 3rd gen bolt pattern was different to the 2nd gen, but no worries always pays to ask before you buy,

    Anyone know of a aftermarket manifold for the 3rd generation 3sgte, that will work with out removing the top mount intercooler ?


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    Default SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    Do you have a link to your build thread? I dont want to ask a bunch of questions that you have already posted answers to.

    Did you do a teardown already? Interested to see what the motor internals look like.

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