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Thread: SVO Manifold on D-Series motor.

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    hey all, it gets thrown around a bit, will a G series - KE TX3 turbo box fit a KB E5 motor?

    some are saying yes some are saying no, but no one that has answered has ever done it OR seen it done, hoping someone can help me out

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    Ive heard that the skunk2 manifold can work with the K24Z3 engine, but Im wondering if it works as a proper bolt-on or if you have to mess with it or the motor to get it to function properly.

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    i kind of have to disagree with you about the importance of an intake on a turbo motor. i mean what's the point of having a cold air intake on a turbo, when the turbo just heats it right back up while it's compressing. i mean, isn't that what a good intercooler is for?

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    is there any aftermarket exhaust manifold for the gen1 3sgte?? Mine has been welded 2 times and I don't know where to get another one if it cracks again

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    truth be told, turbo cars make more torque with a very small loss in hp with an intake on them. both of you are right and wrong in what you are saying.
    the short version: if you cheap out on any one part, it will have signifigant effects later on. so if you have to choose between an intercooler and an intake, choose the intercooler. but later on buy or make an intake. cold air is cold air. bottom line. while a 10 degree drop in intake temps pre turbo may not seem to make a dramatic effect in intake manifold temps, it does however, have a signifigant role in the turbine effeciency.

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    the ACIS manifold? i'm not sure. we don't get that and i have no experience with it or it's design. the gen 2 mr2 uses centerfeed. the gen 3 will not fit any other head. the gen 4 won't fit any other heads.

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    not a manufactured one.
    your options are gen 2 stuff, stock, or custom
    or perhaps get enough gen 1 guys to make a group buy for manifolds like mine.

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    that means getting a different turbo and other things I guess... maybe toyota has a new one laying around, but I'll see/ask them when it's broken

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    if the air coming in is 10 degree cooler then thats ten degrees lower after the turbo heats it.... seo the inter cooler cools it but it will be 10 degrees cooler than before

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