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Thread: noobee need help!!!

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    Default noobee need help!!!

    im planning to put in a turbo in the b20b block. which is the right and best one that i should go with. like the t28r or the garrett t3/t04e or which one is best for mee. i wanna race stop light to stop light and on freeways. got b20b motor and plan to build it up too. not planning to bore it out its gonna be a daily driving car too. and which is the right turbo kit i should go with. the top mount turbo kit(looks like a stock header)or a ftw b series turbo kit(the weird looking header) its going in a 92 civic hatch. thankx

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    good luck, dont kill nobody on the highway while you are speeding along like a moron

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    t3/t4 FTW
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