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TOKICO's HP Series - the famous "Blue Shock" - continues to be the overwhelming choice of performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality. The HP Series damping typifies TOKICO's valving flexibility and philosophy by minimizing low speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds for improved compliance, tire adhesion and handling.

Tokico HP Shocks - Prices and Applications

For the serious enthusiast, TOKICO offers five-position adjustable Illumina Series shocks and struts. Its sophisticated adjustment system was designed for tuning street suspensions, so you have the ability to set up your car’s handling for a variety of driving environments.

Using a screwdriver, a simple click indicates your change to ride or handling balance. So whether you’re going to the track, or simply cruising, the Illumina’s adjustment range adapts to your needs.

Illumina even works on the race track. Steeda, a nationally known Mustang tuner, uses Illumina struts and shocks on their road race and drag race cars. The Illumina units not only perform well, but Steeda is pleased with their durability.

Internally, Illumina uses TOKICO’s sophisticated multi-stage, variable-aperture piston and valve system combined with a five-position bypass shutter-valve.

This valve system allows simultaneous rebound and compression damping adjustment.

A shutter-valve detent permits making easy adjustments, so that you can make quick changes and still know which setting you’ve chosen.

Tokico Illumina Shocks - Prices and Applications

TOKICO Advanced Handling Suspension Kits improve handling and vehicle appearance.

The kits combine either the performance HP Series non-adjustable shocks/struts, five-position adjustable Illumina Series shocks/struts, and D-Spec/HTS Infinitely adjustable Series shocks/struts with a matched set of performance lowering springs.

Manufactured from the finest alloy spring steel, TOKICO springs are engineered to provide excellent handling without compromising ride quality.

Like other TOKICO products, these kits carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Caution: Excessive lowering can damage your car and void your shock warranty.

Proper lowering improves handling and driving enjoyment. Excessive lowering reduces ground clearance and suspension travel. It can cause problems including:

• Stress cracks in the body or chassis
• Damaged suspension parts, including shocks
• Poor handling and braking through reduced tire adhesion
• Severe tire wear
• A harsh ride

Tokico HP Shock and Spring Kit - Prices and Applications

Tokico Illumina Shock and Spring Kit - Prices and Applications

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