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Thread: Jackson Supercharger Kit for 1988-1991 Civic/CRX EX/SI (D16A6)

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    Default Jackson Supercharger Kit for 1988-1991 Civic/CRX EX/SI (D16A6)

    Who can argue with the versatility and durability of Honda's little 1.6L SOHC workhorse. However, the same attributes that make it a great "econobox" engine such as small ports, small valves, and small combustion chambers, severely limit its ability to breathe and perform like its big twin-cam brothers. A Jackson Racing supercharger system can change all that. By forcing air into the engine with up to 8psi of boost, the JR system provides twin-cam top-end power and enhanced bottom-end torque and response. Install a JR supercharger system and you'll no longer be obsessed with VTEC envy! C.A.R.B # D-344-11.

    Used Under 5000K Purchased New March 21 2006
    Sold Car Without Motor Parted From Car Will Show Pictures In Link
    Comes Complete (Supercharger/Pully Bracket/Belt/FMU/Instructions)
    Aftermarket Fuel Rail Might Be Required For Installation
    Will Throw In Boost gauge

    Watch Slide

    1200$ Obo Or Pm

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    Alright I'm interested. Does it come with the intake they supplied also?

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    yea good question
    New to the game, but im learning...

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