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Thread: 1995 honda accord oil leaking from? pump?

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    Default 1995 honda accord oil leaking from? pump?

    hi, I'm not sure exactlly what its called that the oil is leaking from, but I have attached a pic from a cell phone that might help you help me.

    It's a 95 honda accord V6 2.7 4door. In advance thank you for your help, it is greatly appreciated
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    oil cooler or sending unit?

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    I can't really tell from the picture what that is... - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    thanks for trying, i can't get another pic with my crapy phone. but it is the part thats right next where the filter goes on at its sort of above the oil pan and it is pretty close to the belts so i can't figure out how to take that off with out messing up the timing belt and whatever else is near there

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