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Thread: **Newbies**Introduce Yourself here!

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    Hey all, just saying hello.My name is Smith and 25 years old.Like playing basketball and computer game.

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    Newbie here. Quick summary. Have Honda Accord 2000 V6, bought new, love the car, still waiting to see if the transmission goes awol. Current mileage 107,000, so any day now??? Oh well. Got into a collision. They hit my right wheel, knuckle & strut broke and bent, respectively. Upper arm bent, as well as passenger door, etc. Others say it's totaled not worth fixing, etc. Decided to try to fix myself, estimated $1,000 in parts + another $200 misc costs. Bought most of the parts already, replaced some things.
    Have bought mostly after market parts, e.g. $2,800 OEM versus about $1,000. Question: Pressing the Bearing into a new knuckle, do I need the support base 07965-sd90100, as described in the service manual? or is there another way where I don't have to buy another one-time use tool? Also, tighten the spindle nut, spec says 181 lbf. Any relatively cheap tool brand recommended?

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    Default hi

    if you want to introduce yourself, this is some basic info you may need "ciao, mi chiamo..... (put your name here), ho 17 anni, vengo da (i'm from...), ho studiato....(i've studied....) " ps i can tell you that education system in Italy doesn't work really well.. maybe studying abroad would have been a better choice.. for example my dream has always been to study in the US.. ;) well, regarding exams, or the like, there are usually some "entry tests", just to test how much you know or remember about the year's program before summer holiday..

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    Im tony'81.ive always been a honda fan but never owned this year my goal is to get a ek civic hatch and start playing around.

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    Cool What's up GUYS?? I drive a 96 Honda Civic Hatch (EK)

    What's up everyone? I drive a nice red 96 ek hatch! Well... it's an ej6 but the same body lines as an ek so let's jsut go by ek shall we? I'm glad to be a part of this community and would love to learn and share any knowledge that I have on Honda's. We all know Hondas are amazing cars and they just get better and better as we build them.

    Currently in my EK:

    D15b VTEC red top (Del Sol motor), tune, light weight pulley
    Short shifter
    Skunk 2 LCA
    Form & Function Type One coils
    XXR 531 15x8 +20 offset wheels
    DC header, 2.5" piping, magnaflow high flow cat, res delete, Vibrant muffler
    99 tail lights
    mugen lip

    Future Plans:

    b16 vtec ------> eventually K20 (shhh)
    K Tuned coils (raised up for track stance)
    Rays wheels (not sure which ones yet)

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    Hello! I'm Whimand.
    I am new to Hondas. Ready to by one...

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    Don't mind me. Just trying to contact and get the attention of the site admins and mods in adding this to their download collection.

    2007 Honda CR-V service manual PDF - 82.29 mb

    I am not the original owner of the scanned leaked version of this manual, but the one being provided has the following improvements done to it:

    - ABBYY Fine Reader: English OCR, Black & White color conversion, deskew images, straighten text lines, correct trapezoid distortion, correct image resolution

    - Save Settings: Use original image size, Text under the page image, Image Settings: Quality loss not allowed

    - cropped out bottom edge, black blank area
    - renumbered PDF pages to sync with physical book pages
    - added highlighted links with 'Inherit Zoom' in each of the chapter's content list
    - added bookmarks with 'Inherit Zoom' organized into chapters and subsections
    - added meta tag keywords
    - Initial View Settings: default page layout & default magnification

    While this manual isn’t the real digital copy, this scanned copy is legible, has no missing pages***, and is navigable. The file size was reduced from 631 mb to 80.2 mb without any noticeable drop in image quality.

    *** Chapters 12 and 13 are missing by default because the 3rd generation CR-V didn’t come with manual transmissions, at least for the North American market (dunno for the rest of the world).

    If you would like to compare the original PDF source to the one provided, you may find and download it by bittorrent with the following hash: DF91A751C477EB9E76BF24A17636D3919251D129

    Honda CR-V 2007 Service manual Pdf
    http : // / torrent / jG3j8vWGvDugoYo5YroMC1orXgxj13S2yry . html
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    hi.... my name barangbaek ,staying in malaysia , using civc eg9...... i am also a mechanic..... i got many hondas manual... like to share....

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