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Thread: **Newbies**Introduce Yourself here!

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    Default **Newbies**Introduce Yourself here!

    Welcome! Take some time to go ahead introduce yourself, including the year and model of your Civic. Also include future plans for your car (ie Turbo, Engine Swap, Show Car, ect). If you have any questions or are seeking, ask yourself the following questions before posting:

    What kind of power goals am I looking for?
    How will I use the car? (ie track only, show only, daily driver, ect)
    How much work am I able to do myself?
    How much am I willing to spend?
    and most importantly...

    By including these answers in your introduction it will help us give you more specific advise. Also searching is key because we have a lot of information on most set ups being run, its just a matter of finding it.

    Here are some good places to start:
    DOHC vs. SOHC Debate:


    Good luck!and welcome

    ALSO: Any statements remotely close to "i want my civic to be faster than a stock ________(insert sports car here) will NOT be tolerated. there are too many aspects of racing a vehicle that would be able for us to produce a mod list that would beat certain cars.

    The only thing you can do to compare your Civic to other sports cars is by looking up the stock track times and comparing them to your own.
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    and to get things started...i'm rick (as the username states) from CT.

    I drive an 04 civic dx coupe. current plans are (for right now anyway) are to buy another motor for it (d17a2) and build that one with low compression pistons, turbo connecting rods, and a built head (titanium valve springs and retainers with oversized vavles, ported and polished) hoping to put a safe 250-300hp down without having to worry about the motor blowing up.

    I estimate this project to run me around $4k in motor work. for now i'm working on the suspension and interior upgrades. I've already got a set of tien s-tech springs, and i just need some struts (probably kyb's) and a rear camber kit (spc) and i'm in the process of getting some nice rsx type s leather seats.

    "bitches love me cause they know that i can rock"

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    Hi my name is d16z6_civic, I have a 92' Honda Civic Ex 4 door w/ all wheel abs and of course a d16z6 engine. I love 4 doors and love D series engines. My plans for my car is well on its way, DSM turbo, Stainless steel tubular mani, HKS BOV, Ebay Intercooler, 450cc D:Werks injectors, 2.5" cut out, and Hondata S300 mated with a p28. All I need is mandrel bends for charge piping and downpipe, and also misc. feed lines to and away from the turbo. A good tune from my tuner and I'm my way down the track. My suspension is Dropzone package, coilovers are nice by the struts are junk. Stock exterior and 14" old skool teg wheels. Half of my car is flat black the other is tarnished white. My heroes are Rota92 aka Ryan Smith, Bisimoto aka Bisi Ezerioha.
    Thanks D16z6_civic
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    92 HONDA CIVIC EX (EH9) D16Z6 Vitara build and stuffing boost down her throat!!

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    Im Matt. I have 2 civics one 1998 EX Coupe, with a D16Y8 motor in it. and then a 1996 DX Hatchback with an H22A Motor swap in it. im a huge fan of almost any honda motor. i do not have a pref between DOHC vs SOHC, i have both and they both are great motors IMO.

    one of my cars is pretty much done. just needs tuning, here is its mod lists
    Bored .020+
    crank machined .020+
    Clevite bearings
    i cant member the brand of oil pump
    SRP Forged flattop pistons (10.5:1 compression)
    Eagle H-Beam forged connecting rods
    extream port and polish on head
    Skunk2 springs and retainers
    Crower Stage II N/A cam (Adv duration: 319/310 Duration @.050": 235/223 Gross Lift: 432/436)
    AEM adjust Cam gear
    Skunk2 Intake manifold
    GSR Throttle body
    AEM short ram intake
    DC Sport 4-2-1 one piece header
    high flow cat
    soon to be 2.5" customer exhaust
    AEM under drive pulleys
    center force Stage II clutch
    Spec 10lbs alum flywheel
    B&M fuel pressure regulator
    MSD 8.5MM Ignition wires
    non performance mods:
    Tenzo R big break kit
    Sport comp Oil pressure gague
    AEM wide band air/fuel gauge
    B&M 2bend Short throw shifter
    front and rear sway bars
    17in Konig rims wrapped in 205/40/17 Nitto NeoGens
    and 15-20% window tint on all windows.
    i have a APEXI VAFC-II on there right now thats tuned with the stock will only be used for the break in process.
    final tuning:
    i have a chipped ECU on the way with a Chrome Pro set up with a full dyno tune.

    then the

    its just a swapped H22A
    2.5" custom cat-back exhaust(fake out muffler)
    High flow cat
    ghetto intake
    and a Stage II clutch
    Non performance
    17 in Konig Verdic Rims on front
    18in konig verdic rims on the back
    both wrapped in Nitto Neo Gen tires

    everything else is stock as shit!

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    My Name is Jermaine. I live in Caribbean (St Lucia to be exact). Currently I drive a 94 Civic (rhd). Right Now it has a D15B carburator with a manual tranny. The car is basically stock except for the aftermarket exhaust and lowering springs.

    Next month i'll be swapping out the D15B for a D16a vtec. Once that is done i'll make some mods to the exhaust, intake and suspension.

    My whole aim right now is to learn as much as i can about hondas, cause i really love that company.

    Great Thread.
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    Fast + Cheap= Not Good
    Good + Cheap= Not Fast SOLD

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    96 EJ6 B16B engine and tranny IN

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    My name is Kenny, I drive a 1989 Civic Lx sedan, and a 2005 Civic LX sedan.

    the 05 is stock...

    The 89 Has a TO4E turbo, ebay piping and intercooler knockoff greddy BOV.
    and will be running 10+ psi.

    Im extremely knowledgeable with cars and other things as long as its not cosmetic "JDM" things, due to messing up ALOT
    we are all here to help and have many answers to your questions, we just dont like answering the same things over and over again if you dont search.

    My soon build is:
    Fully Ported an polished head
    biggest turbo cam i can find
    Forged rods
    turbo pistons
    New sleeves
    block guard
    balanced and blueprinted lower end
    high volume oil pump
    B16 TB
    methonal/water injection
    GT35R turbo
    D16y8 headgasket
    Running 20-25 psi
    full turbo back 3" exhaust
    with cut out
    1800lb pressure plate
    6 puck clutch
    stock flywheel

    16"rota slipstreams
    brembo brakes
    tenzo r lowering springs
    and strut braces
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    My name is Rusty, and I'm a petrolholic.

    Most of the stuff I deal with is 4x4 trucks, but I do have an 87 Civic Si hatch called "Monkey Cat". I just started building it for E-Prepared Auto-X.

    I have a long way to go with it. I currenlty am working at a "stall" job and am planning to go back to school for some more specialized automotive (high performance and automotive machining) starting in summer (missed it this year), but this time on Uncle Sam's dollar. Plus I still have some 4x4 projects going on all at the same time.

    Anyways my Si is comletely gutted right now. Nows the time where I'm gonna have to start spending money

    Future plans:
    D15a3 Motor:
    -Overbore 1mm up to be able to use 88+ D-Series pistons
    -Stock Acura Integra Injectors (people who have done the same build up run at under 50% Cycle duty and run between 12-13:1 A/F Ratio)
    -Individual Throttle Bodies
    -Heddman Tork-step Headers
    -Beef up internals (still have some research to decide what to use)
    -MegaSquirt ECU (have a long time to research before I get to this)

    -27mm Torsion Bars (Either from Upgrade Motoring, or a local shop, OPM Motorsports in Cumming, GA)
    -Eibach springs for the rear (If they can still be found, they stopped making them this year)
    -Tokico Blues all the way around
    -Watts link to replace panhard bar

    I want to get some old school gold mesh BMW rims and Run either Khumo or Hoosier DOT-R compounds. That's until Rota releases the Mugen CF-48 knockoffs.

    Right now, I'm currently doing all body and interior. I have to order the Rollbar and Kirkey Aluminum Racing seat and get that all set up. Then I'll paint it the same as my sig.

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    My name's Mike and i live down in Miami, FL.
    nationality > cuban.
    i've had a long history of cars... here goes...

    My 1st car was a 93 integra gsr. it was fun while it lasted... until 2nd gear disappeared. i never got a chance to touch anything under the hood.
    After the integra, i ended up getting a 94 dx hatchback.. automatic... ugh... that's the only regret i had with it. all it had was an intake, 2.5" custom exhaust, kyb agx's, and h&r sport springs. i began auto-x'ing this car a couple months before i sold it. i also sprayed it for a bit.

    Next i had a red '96 EX coupe. i loved it... the day i bought it, i started piecing together a turbo kit. 6 months later, i had it boosted. it didn't last too long as the turbocharger took a shit on me. the shaft split in half and the seals blew shortly after. god hates me. I decided to go all motor with it afterwards. my setup included a slightly ported & polished d16y8 head, crower stage 2 camshaft, aem cam gear, skunk 2 valve springs and retainers. after 6,000 miles i spun a rod bearing in cylinder 3. shortly after that, i sold the head to civcmatt, dropped in a new motor and got rid of it.

    As much fun as the motor was, the suspension of that car was the best part of it. Koni yellows matched with custom rate Ground Control coilovers(450f, 400r) with a usdm itr rear sway bar. as for wheels, i sourced a set of 1st gen Miata "sunflower" wheels with the hubs drilled out by yours truly. for rubber, i started with a set of toyo proxes ra-1's sized 205/55-14. those wore out pretty quickly so i stepped down to a set of falken azenis 195/60-14 and also went through a pair of hankook ventus rs212's. that shit stuck like herpes. to this day, i still have not driven any car that handled as well. that includes a s2000 on r-compounds. as underpowered as it was(compared to other cars in DSP and later DP), it dominated the auto-x. it always placed in the top 25 in PAX with about 150+ cars running.

    I'm currently driving a 2002 Toyota Celica GT. all it has right now is an Injen CAI, Apex'i WS axle-back exhaust(no such thing as a true cat-back on this car since the cat and midpipe are connected), and a fidanza short shifter. it's a nice comfortable car that i don't want to fuck up by modifying the hell out of it. i'm currently looking for an older civic coupe, hatch, sedan... anything really. the catch is it has to be cheap as fuck. here's the plan... boost it, break it, build it. i'll be satisfied with 300whp... but that's a shitty goal for a boosted built sohc, so i want 400whp.

    if someone wants to donate a car for my modifying pleasure, let me know. i work for cash/parts. if you're in/near Miami and need some work done, pm me. i do anything from engine assembly to changing a clutch. just don't bother me with any electrical or wiring headaches.. ugh...
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    my little rod broke off

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    I'm John. I live in Texas and drive an 86 Civic Si that I bought for 200 bucks. The wife has a stock 99 Integra LS.
    I'd like to swap out my EW4 engine for something else cause my head is trashed.

    This forum is run beautifully.

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    my name is dan from milton P.A. I currently have a 2000 civic ex 2dr 5spd with a jdm b16a obd1 swap.iwouldlike to rebuild the motor with high compression/racing internals to try to make @ 300 safe reliable HORSEPOWER, I use the car daily so i need it to be very reliable! Im currently looking for someone that knows their honda motors to rebuild and make the 300hp goal. IF THEIRS ANYONE OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP ME OUT WITH THE REBUILD OR JUST SOME HELPFULL TIPS I WOULD APPRECIATE IT!
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    ^^welcome. 300whp is going to be tough to accomplish with a 1.6 motor n/a. for 300hp, you going to need some sort of forced induction (ie turbo, nitrous). also, 300hp is a lot for a dd, i'm not sure you'd want that much power and driving it every day, you'd have to upgrade the clutch and mostly means a lighten'd flywheel which requires a lot of feathering of the clutch which will get obnoxious in traffic.

    check out the faq for some directions on hp gains.

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    ^ actually you dont want/need a lightened flywheel.. it will be much easier to drive without it

    leave this post long enough for someone to read and then you can delete (matt)

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    300whp out of a b16 is tough? try impossible. good luck daily driving a b16 with even 220whp...
    ~ 2001 Silverstone Metallic Honda S2000

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    my little rod broke off

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    My name is Dustin. I drive a 93' civic DX coupe.

    I currently have:
    Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers and shocks
    Skunk 2 rear camber kit
    Blox lower control arms
    Power Stop cross drilled rotors
    ebay cold air with K&N filter
    Bride short throw shifter
    MSD 6al ignition
    Prelude radiator
    17 Drag rims with Toyo tires

    Future upgrades:
    swap a ZC to get used to swapping
    then swap a B series

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93civic2dr_bake
    My name is Dustin. I drive a 93' civic DX coupe.

    I currently have:
    Skunk 2 Pro S coilovers and shocks
    Skunk 2 rear camber kit
    Blox lower control arms
    Power Stop cross drilled rotors
    ebay cold air with K&N filter
    Bride short throw shifter
    MSD 6al ignition
    Prelude radiator
    17 Drag rims with Toyo tires

    Future upgrades:
    swap a ZC to get used to swapping
    then swap a B series
    don't bother with a zc. if your gonna do any swap at all and you want a B, just do it.
    ~ 2001 Silverstone Metallic Honda S2000

    Quote Originally Posted by EXCellR8 View Post
    my little rod broke off

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiMiK
    don't bother with a zc. if your gonna do any swap at all and you want a B, just do it.

    difficulty level i'd say is about the same/

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    My name is Roy A.k.a ZipCrx

    I have a 1988 crx with an sohc Zc bone stock. (still trying to start it)

    Future mods:
    First just a turbo set up keep it at low psi till it blows

    Put a V-tec head (already have)
    port and polish
    Skunk2 Turbo Cam
    Skunk2 valve springs
    Skunk2 Titanium retainers
    skunk2 cam gear
    Skunk2 Intake Manifold
    MSD Ignition system
    CP pistons and rods(low compression)
    New sleeves
    Balanced and Blueprinted bottom end
    Oil pump
    Fuel pump
    450cc injectors
    Full exhaust
    t/3 turbo
    Custom manifold and down pipe

    Civic Renaissance Model-X

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    Thanks I appreciate the help. The thing is I have the ZC already and have no money to get anything else. Plan on getting a GSR and swapping that when I get back from Iraq. Also goin to get a rex and swap the ZC engine into it.

    Plan on gettin:
    JG intake mani
    JG Pro Head build up on the ZC head

    You all probably know this site Great engine build up stuff there.

    Also is there a thread that has a bunch of web sites for good places to build engines in colorado springs?

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    I'm Stefano.

    live in merrick, ny (on long island)

    anyways i joined here the day after i got my first car and my first civic in aug of 02.

    and i have come a LOOOONG way since then.

    cars ive had while here:

    1993 Civic EX w/ 95 GSR Swap:

    Intake, Exhaust, Enkei Rs5 Rims, projectors w/ HID's, skunk2 coilovers

    First Pic of the bitch after i bought it.

    After it was mine for a while.

    owned the car for 2 and a half years then i crashed it and bought this:

    1991 CRX Si W/ the same 95 GSR Swap

    b16 lsd cable tranny, 8lb flywheel, 4 puck act clutch, same enkei rs5 rims. straight through exhaust w/ a high flow cat

    after the motor went in the nice engine bay :-)

    then the ecu blew out but i didnt know it and i just sold the shell and then bought this:

    1999 Civic DX Hatch w/ same 95 GSR Swap

    so far ive driven this car a total of 3 months since i bought it feb 06

    jumped into the swap too early and constantly got wrong parts, bad parts, no money...etc...etc....etc. basically this fucking car has fought me to the bitter end and its not over yet. :sigh:

    gsr motor, intake, exhaust, omni power fully coilovers, skunk2 LCA's, shaved rear trunk badges, red honda badge, aftermarket oem foglights, si front lip, si grill, homemade ctr style headlights, rear ctr lip, painted side skirts, ctr shift boot, gsr shift knob,

    here are the most recent pics dont have the lip,grill or rear honda badge

    and thats my journey in a brief synopsis in the honda world since joining this forum in 02.

    ive learned a TON from doing msot of the work myself. so holler

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    I suppose I shall follow the lead of my fellow mods...

    Most people here don't even know my we'll keep it that way


    Name: Chris
    Location: Mount Pleasant or Brighton, Michigan
    Car: 1995 civic ex
    Mods: b16, lsd trans, 2.5" muffler shop special exhaust, rc 550's, walbro pump, act 6puck unsprung disc, Heavy Duty PP, Hondata s200b, revhard stage 2, full-race traction bars...I think thats it??
    Future Plans: built gsr bottom end, b16 head...change a few parts of the turbo 11's.

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    Name: Aaron
    Location: Delaware Ohio
    Car: 92 DX hatch

    I got this car with a blown headgasket, got that fixed and now am having another issue. Once I get it working I plan on using it as a DD so it is going to stay mostly stock, though it does now have BMW bottlecap rims.

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    Love the shifter in the CRX there Gravis.

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    Hi...fellas. My name is Duane im from Barbados. I once owned a 2000 Civic Type R. Sold it to build a project. So I currently own a 1996 JDM Honda Civic, its four door but comes to our market standard with a B16A motor...unfortunately right now its automatic but I have plans on Boosting so that will eventually change. Its nice to meet u all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gustav129
    Love the shifter in the CRX there Gravis.

    knew someone was gonna say something.

    the motor wasnt in when the pics were taken

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    i never knew you had 3 different civic/CRX. your red one is pretty sick. nothing as cool as the hatch though....speaking of that when it gonna actually run?

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