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Thread: **Newbies**Introduce Yourself here!

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    I'm Terry. I've got a 2004 Honda Accord. I just want to maintain it well. I'm into bikes

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    Hi, my name is Cassidy. I lucked up and bought a 95 honda accord ex for $1.00.
    I have a 91 jeep Grand Wagoneer that is thirsty v8 that can only drink premium, so the Honda was a God-send. Didnt know what I was getting.
    My plans are to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can to it with the means availible to me.
    It was wrecked in the front passenger side. Since Ive owned it, I have replaced radiator, starter, transmission coolant lines both fans, distributor and coolant reservoir.
    I am ignorant to the extensive knowledge and lingo of the 5th generation, or hondas at all for that matter. So please, keep your arragont remarks and replies to questions to yourself. im here to learn and maintain my means of transportation and eventually put money into her. thanks!

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    Hi! I’m Zhi Xiang.lives in Taiwan.
    I’ve got a 00” civic from my aunt for free.
    I’m also a supermoto rider.
    feel excited to join the Honda crew.

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    Default NewbiesIntroduce Yourself here

    Hey There, guys
    Ricky from Italy here.
    Retrogamer since i was MUCH younger.
    Actually am collecting all sort of retro consoles, and even actual gen ones, of course

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    hello my name is Peter
    i own a civic ex ej1 coupe 1994 with the d16z6
    it currently haves 172hp with valves and other mods in
    sorry i cant explain better but i dont have the technical car vocabulary in english, i am from argentina

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    Hi, my name is Matt and I've got an EP3 for track days and hopefully racing when things eventually start this year.

    I've also got an ED9 which used to have a d15b with a turbo but it's off the road to get rust repaired and dropping a k20 into it.

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    Hello. Can i know how to use manual Civic in Esm format. Before this i just download Pdf manual and dont have any problem to use. I don't know how to use this Esm format. Hope you can help me.


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    Hello Im Capdeni I drive a 2004 honda civic, or at least I did. I was just looking up how to troubleshoot my honda, i ran over a power pole at night that fell over. It cracked three of my rims and bent my radiator, which isnt leaking. Before I put money into it, i want it to start up. Only problem it doesnt and no codes pop up on a cheap scanner i bought. Im a industrial mechanic but love DIY projects, just looking for the right way to troubleshoot and get my daily driver back and running.

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    Default 93 DELSOL

    Hey Im Mark, Im the proud owner of a 93 Honda Delsol Si 1.6, thats literally driving me crazy, the car has sat for 6 yrs in the dyer heat of Texas. I cant get the fuel pump to come on without jumping pgmfi relay, and no injectors or fire to plugs from my coil. Almost like its in some kind of theft mode, PLEASE HELP, Ive been working on cars for 30 yrs, this jewel has me baffeled

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    George - I have a 1989 CRX undergoing refresh/restore project, about halfway through (front end is done).

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    I estimate this project to run me around $4k in motor work. for now i'm working on the suspension and interior upgrades. I've already got a set of tien s-tech springs, and i just need some struts (probably kyb's) and a rear camber kit (spc) and i'm in the process of getting some nice rsx type s leather seats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cruizea5 View Post
    I estimate this project to run me around $4k in motor work. for now i'm working on the suspension and interior upgrades. I've already got a set of tien s-tech springs, and i just need some struts (probably kyb's) and a rear camber kit (spc) and i'm in the process of getting some nice rsx type s leather seats.
    hope my reply was helpful

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    Howdy! David here. I recently bought a 2014 Honda Civic Si.

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    Hi Everyone!
    I'm Simon from Illinois.
    I have a 2011 Honda Accord and a 2010 Honda CR-V. I also had a 2008 Honda Accord. Generally I have found Honda cars to be quite dependable. I'm an engineer by profession so I tend to do my own service work unless circumstances prevent that such as away from home. With the increasing compmlexity it is understandable the level of frustration that people experience when things go wrong with their cars.
    Right now the 2011 Accord is being problematic with parasitic current drain leading to a depleted battery after several days not being used. I searched various forums and indeed this is not an unknown problem. My vehicle had an aftermarket Remote Start system added, but before I purchased it in 2014. That unit comprises a Audiovox PRO9051N and a Flashlogic FLCAN. As far as I can recall we did not experience battery drain in earlier years.
    So I measured the current the battery is drawing with the car closed up and it starts with a momentary 1.2A falling back to a steady 283mA. Thinking that the remote starter accessory was a culprit I removed the Remote Start module and repeated the test which fell by about 50mA to 230 mA. I reconnected the remote start and then removed the #15, 10A Fuse for the Backup / MICU power. Drain is a reasonable 50mA.
    So I'm assuming I have some errors or a grounding fault somewhere that is preventing the MICU to properly go to sleep when the vehicle is turned off and closed up.
    I'm guessing my Torque Android application will be of limited help and probably need the full HDS to properly diagnose the CAN Bus (high speed CAN Bus-F and CAN Bus-B)
    Any thoughts...?
    Thanks everyone!

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    Default -

    This is the thread to introduce yourself and let us know more about you, your education and practice and any other information you feel relevant. I am personally excited to have the opportunity BWOL has given us Reflexologists to carry on discussions here related to our profession.

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    Hey I'm Matt, from Jacksonville,Fl.

    Vehicles 1991 crx si (d15bvtec swapped will be turbo after break in) and a 1991 Honda vfr750f (needs cosmetic work but runs great).
    Power goals for the rex are as follows
    Daily drivable mid 300s (HP) current build.
    Skunk 2 valve springs and retainers
    Skunk 2 intake manifold
    Speed factory racing no notch vitara build rods
    Block bored 1mil over
    Block guard
    New OEM valves
    OEM Honda water pump
    Still working out wiring.
    Joined the community to share ideas and get feedback.
    Look forward to being a part of the community
    That's it for now later all.

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    I don't have a car yet, but my dream car is the pickup type and from ford.

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