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    Default **NEW SKUNK2 SHOCKS**


    is offering some great pricing on SKUNK2 shocks.

    They were released not too long ago and we've had some great feedback on them!

    They are a great upgrade from your stock set up and react even greater with a lowered

    vehicle set up. The SKUNK2 shocks are proven to not "bottom out" when applied

    on a

    lowered car and are a good choice for either your daily driver, or as a replacement


    PM us for pricing on these Shocks.

    Below is a Applications listing. You will see that the part numbers for both the Civic/Del

    Sol and the Integra are both the same part number.

    This isnt a typo The Shock Set will fit both cars.

    541-05-1210 92-00 CIVIC 2DR./ 4DR.
    541-05-1210 94-01 INTEGRA 2DR./ 4DR.

    We accept PapPal and as payment

    feel free to pm us with any questions or shoot us an email at

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    Default NEW SKUNK2 S

    yuo need air shocks for the rear its the ride...and plus it lifts it higher...... and what esle coudl you do to sit your buble higher....well let me see SLAP SOME 4s ON THAT BITCHHHHHHHHH

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    If you guys see a lower price either Koni Yellowssport or Koni FSDs let us know well match it.

    We only have a few left, but if you have some springs on your car you should definitely consider matcing them up with some Koni shocks.

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    I would say that instead of buying the lower quality products like koni and yellow sport i think you should simply just buy after market parts .

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