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    Okay. I just noticed that someone did away with our useful sites thread that was stickied in this area. So... here it comes again.

    The rules:

    If you respond in this thread, your post must contain a site. This is not a thread to chat about anything, it is meant to be a useful tool for people to find stuff.

    Read through all posts before posting. DO NOT post a site if someone already has.

    Along with the site, in format, post what they help with.

    I'll start. - one of the best online JDM and domestic honda motor dealers I've ever found. - one stop shopping for swap kits, axles, mounts, adapter harnesses, etc. - the best in the biz for wiring harness conversion when doing a swap. these guys know their shit.
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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    Default - Enjo Racing's swap page. This page details all the parts enjo offers for your swap needs! - list of enjo's dealers, so you may buy their products. - Excellent online source with an extreme amount of knowledge concerning swaps into hondas. You want to do, someone on this site has probably done it, and made a thread detailing how.

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    Default - Golden Eagle Online Store. For all you LS/VTEC and CR/VTEC boys, these are the guys you need to look at. They offer an entire kit for mating your vtec head to your non vtec block. Also make a sweet vacuum manifold.

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    Default - These guys will burn a custom chip for YOUR setup. They tune it for all your modifications. Great guys. My roommate just got this and loves it.

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    Default - Need I say more? These guys are the custom tuning gods.

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    Cool thread, I'm glad I got a few secrets that haven't been listed. These are links to manufactuer's service manuals, and stuff like that. So here's a few of my good finds . I'm listing them from newest found links to oldest, so with that in mind Enjoy

    Turbo Manifold Design DIY

    Facts about buildin Frankenstein Motors, LS/Vtec's

    A honda Swappers guide great info

    Junkyard treasures, a list of other manufactures parts that can be used in your Honda

    Good honda\acura manual link, but you need to use a russian proxy. This one also gots manufacturers recall info, hondata tuning info and some other priceless info

    A decent amount of honda manuals but a majority of it is for honda motorcycles

    Oem honda parts install guides

    Another good one but not as big as the above listed

    Here's a fuckin awsome one. Hard to find manuals like acura RL,TL, etc This one gots manuals for tons of imports, new and old. This ones great!

    Now there's some priceless info!!

    Honda torrent collection, gotta mix of diff vehicles. But Mostly honda and other cool computer driver downloads, media players, photo programs, good one for manuals and other cool shit

    Well here's a few good nissan manual downloads.

    Ok in my opinion , this is the best, most complete Honda manual download link HANDS DOWN!! This is one of the very few internet secrets I've got, so if ya don't peep any of the other links I've posted, this is the one you'll be more than happy u did. I know even the grumpy ass shit talkin old timer members wouldn't have a negative your a gayass noobie leave this Forum remark. So with that here it is

    Help the noobs , give em the basics pass the link and tell em u got it from the Backwoodz Tuner! Lol

    Haynes Automotive Technical Data Book

    Some NgK spark plug info

    hey batman i thought u got all the tuning type sites, but ya forgot this good one

    theres some good info there

    Now here's , well in my opinion as of March 16th 08, the best DIY site for any Honda guy. They got the best step by step guide with full color pic and who ever wrote that shit did it for the avg back yard mechanic. And the homeboys are from the NW Backwoodz too! So peep em out and learn some good shhiit!!

    This would be the most complete and detailed LS\VTEC guide, it covers from motor and head #'s to help with deciding, wiring info , ecu, pros/cons, builds, and tons of good graphs and charts.
    Peep it asap !

    Now this site is the best link to basic honda/acura knowledge. This one covers all the basics such as a detailed description of basically all the honda motors pros/cons, talks about basic scams n shit and being careful not pickin up hot parts that could really screw ya. Good for a beginner. , regular vocabulary for us mo experienced builders

    You thought you knew Honda CAMS, peep this and tell me you knew all that shit before hand.

    I know though there's always the exceptions, so for the few that do we now lnow too, well sorta lol!

    D16Z6/D16Y8 engine swap info guide to 88-91 4G/2G civic/crx. Lots of good info here

    K swap to civic ek swap tech guide anotha good link for those lil swap problems

    the most up to date info bout swappin a K-series in any honda is this link to the best K forum. #1

    heres very informative step by step GSR forced induction motor build guide
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    dude, you need to edit your posts add all the links in 1 or 2 posts and then delete all the rest. will clean this thread up alot.

    good info though

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    All posts merged. Please in the future don't do all those posts at once. I know you have good intentions, and that's fine. There's just a lot of wading through your signatures and stuff, makes it tough to read.

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    sorry Batman, i guess since i've been the only member contributing to this thread, that it's me your talking about. sorry for all the extra work i caused ya


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    i know a good site of aftermarket and rebuilt engines

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    This may be an old thread but it's really helpful. Thank you for sharing this list of websites.

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    Default -

    thank you all for your help i will take in consideration of what was said. and keep you updated. i however do got a guy in Boise Idaho who has a good reputation on beefing up any car. he gonna look in this for me. and thanks for the site Morana V6 never heard of them.

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