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    The post ideas thread didn't get much feedback, but heres what I got. Hopefully I'll add more later.

    Honda Engine Codes and some power ratings as well

    How to check your CEL code (OBD-1/2) includes OBD-1 codes

    OBD-0 Codes

    How to Properly Reset your ECU

    Should I get an Air Fuel Controler

    Type-R Intake Manifold on B18B/B20

    How To Check For an LSD

    Mini-Me Write Up

    LS/VTEC Info

    DPFI-MPFI Conversion Write UP

    All things B-series

    First Mods

    dyno results with basic mods
    A few articles that will be helpful to you you don't even have to search
    -How camshafts Work
    -How VTEC Works
    -How Cooling Systems Work
    -How Car Engines Work
    -How Nitrous Works (thats Nitrous, not nos, nawzz, etc..)
    -How Turbos Work
    -How Superchargers Work isn't always the most in depth, so if you find/know of another link that covers these more in depth, feel free to let me know and I'll add it in.

    Engine Swap info:

    Engine Swap 1 Write up

    Engine Swap 2 Write up

    DIY Painting a car

    Automotive Formulas

    for est HP, ET times, Gearing, and a TON of stuff

    Auto to Manual Swap

    DIY Engine Rebuilding

    DIY Wire tuck

    DIY clutch master cyl

    DIY Polyurethane Motor Mounts

    Wanna Swap? Read This

    Thats it for now. If you have other threads, suggest them in the other thread about this please.
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    Trusted places HHU members have purchased their motors from.
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    my little rod broke off

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    also a trusted site for purchasing motors is

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    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    ^ I disagree.

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    i know, but i have had extremely good luck with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by FknTkn
    It sucks and as much as I hate to admit it, Batman was right

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    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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