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    Talking New Rotors
    Just picked up E line F/B rotors from here. going to pick up ceramic pads to go with them. Any 1 buy from here before? The price was bout 160 shipped for F/B S/D rotors. Price seems pertty good

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    Well I installed my S/D rotors and ProStop ceramic pads today. Man brakes are alot easier than I thought, being this is my first time. They feel good. I drove around and for awhile an broke um in.Drums suck ass tho, did the wifes last week. I am anotha to read up after I buy my S/D rotors and to find out they could crack. But I heard the process of making the rotors these days is better. I am just a daily driver so next time I will prob get jus slotted. Since Im a daily I wont really mind the 5-10% loss of braking due to ceramics over all da damn dust..Now to see how long they last
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    I have brembo slotted rotors and hawk hps pads. I have put 3k on mine and havnt experienced any cracking, fading, or warping at all. $160 isnt bad although thats what I payed for my rotors also which are only slotted and not drilled. PM me and let me know how they feel.

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    Brakes feel good so far. Your ok with the slotted rotors. Its the drillin that weakens the rotors. But also depends on if the rotor is made of poor or good quality. When I was throwing away the brake pads I noticed the second shimmys, so I gotta take the front back apart an throw them on, Im an idiot
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    98 EX Civic Coupe

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    Ceramic pads are one of the best. It produces almost no dust. It doesn't make your rims dirty from the dust. Its quiet. Last long. Higher brake horsepower means it will stop the vehicle faster. I have installed many of them everyone's happy with it. Its also easier on the rotors. Just be sure you bed them in properly so it will last long.

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    Agree that ceramic parts are the best. Good advice otto88man

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    What brand of ceramic brake pads do you recommend?

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