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Thread: Wiring Diagram 2003 Honda Civic

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    Smile Wiring Diagram 2003 Honda Civic

    Hi everyone.

    First post on here. I'm looking to connect my amplifier up to the head unit of my car, and am looking for a wiring diagram.

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic, (I believe "EP3" covers the 2002-2003 models?). The head unit, a factory standard as I couldn't fit my other head unit due to the obscure shape in the dash board, has a model number on the back which states "30101-S5S-E510-M1."

    I downloaded the service manual from the hondahookup site, however I could not find what I wanted within the document.

    I tried doing a search on the forum but to no avail. If anyone could provide further insight it would be much appreciated.



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    I have now found a suitable wiring diagram. Not only does this program offer a wiring diagram for the factory stereo but also much much more, such as electric windows etc.

    The link, in case anyone else is interested/in need of the same thing is:

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    not that it matters...but ep3 is the chassis code for the 02-03 civic si, em2 is for the 01-05 civic dx, hx, lx, and ex.

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