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    I had surgery on my thumb in September 05 because i tore my ulnar collateral ligament apart (gamekeeper's thumb - thats the name of the injury the doc gave me). I went to a follow up appointment this past Thursday to get it checked. turns out the surgery was a complete failure and did more harm then good. so now in late august i have surgery booked again. out of commission for 6 months after! apparently there taking a ligament from my forearm and putting it in my thumb.....basically because my thumbs all fucked up like these :

    so anyways all plans for a bike this summer fell through and i dont know what the fuck I'm doing for school in September because i wont be able to write and i dont have the money for a laptop. sucks ass.
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    I tore that same ligament in college.

    Mine didn't require surgery though, just immobilization.

    Sorry to hear that.

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