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Thread: Euro/JDM Accord/cased_eclipse: contemporary faggots

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    limp dick bitch!
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    Going back and re-reading....Im cant tell if he was serious or not
    Actually I was implying that waffles were greater then pancakes, but your logic works too.

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    Default Euro/JDM Accord/cased_eclipse contemporary faggots

    Its hideous, loud and echoey. I cant even imagine trying to actually sit down and read there, you might as well try doing so inside the Bullring or New Street Station. The only good thing about it is the fine view of the city you get from the top.

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    Default Euro/JDM Accord/cased_eclipse contemporary faggots

    Where the actual fuck were ya... is what I wanted to say.

    Now that youve explained it...

    whalecum back. Try not to get kicked out again.

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    Default -

    Interesting thought - and really cool. I wonder if that was Tolkiens intent - or just a regular sunset. Im going to pull out my book later and re-read that part.

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