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Thread: 91 Honda Accord LX Speedometer Issues (Speed Sensor?)

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    Default 91 Honda Accord LX Speedometer Issues (Speed Sensor?)

    Hi guys, car forum newbie here.

    I've got a '91 Honda Accord LX that is having intermittent speedometer issues. The speedometer will crap out and zero out, then come back and resume normal operation. It did this a few months ago, and the green shift light started flashing. After turning the car off, then on again, the problem went away (including the flashing light) for several months...until today.

    On my whole way to and from work today, the speedometer cut in and out. On my way too work, the Check Engine light eventually came on, but no flashing green shift light this time. Again, turning the car off, then on cleared the Check Engine light, but I'm still having intermittent speedometer issues.

    I understand this is a common problem, probably caused by a faulty speed control sensor. I also understand this is a fairly easy part to replace. I occasionally change my own oil and have replaced several coolant hoses on my own before. Is this something I could do on my own? If so, where is the speed sensor located? I've heard it's located on the tranny, but I have no idea where. I've downloaded the 91 Accord Service Manual, but it's very frustrating since it's divided up into a bunch of PDF files with no apparent Table of Contents. If somone could just point me to a particular place in the Service Manual, that would be great.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks guys!!

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    Check out this site:

    I just got done changing mine on my 1991 Honda Accord.

    It was easy to remove once you could get to it.

    You have to unhook the air intake and move it out of the way and get a long wobbly extension. The passenger side bolt can be accessed thru the side of the frame bracket - there's a cut out - with a wrench.

    Really the hardest part was unclipping the wire coupler - the rest is all having patience and taking your time.


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    The sensor is right under the distributor hard to get to may have to remove some parts

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