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Thread: Have you or anyone you know had an Integra destroyed?

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    Default Have you or anyone you know had an Integra destroyed?

    Hey guys, I'm a member of I was browsing today and noticed some asshat from Niagra Falls Ontario posting about wrecking into a red Integra in his girlfriend's mom's minivan, knocking the Teg back into his garage after first hitting a Chevy Blazer. He then proceeded to "haul ass" and got the hell out of there without stopping to tell the guy or give his insurance info. People like this piss me off more than anything else in life so I'm hoping the owner of the Integra is a member of this board or at least someone who knows him is...

    Down near the bottom of the first page is where the guy is talking about it. His name is adamlandon.

    God I hope this was one of you...

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    call the police, there is bound to be a police report from that day

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