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Thread: What kinda rims wud luk bes of 97accrd......

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    enkei --rs5, cdr9
    konig --verdict, tantrum, imagine, absolute,

    so far, im thinkin either, the tantrumz, or the rs5... leme know wut u think... heres a link 4 pics;plusSize=2

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    Tantrum :grin:
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    lots of konigs look nice on accords...

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    they would be tantrums cause i used to have those and they kick ass


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    tantrums look outdated now. if you buy them now, they'll totally be out of style within the year.

    ever see older cars with out of date wheels. i'm sure that's important to you.

    i used to run 18inch racing hart c2 evo's with a 1.5 inch drop on my 96 sedan. great look. very clean.

    friend also used to run black 17 inch bbs rx wheels on his 96 accord coupe about 6 years ago with a 2.5 inch drop. looked very jdm back in the day.

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    tantums are dope ... i have these on my car which is a 98 accord coupe and they are basically idenical to teh 2001 and prior tantrums. this year they changed them a lil added bolts (which i dont like) and a few minor changes.... but my wheels look hot on my car which is basiclaly your car too

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    ^^ agreed once again. I've got the Motegi MR7s on my car, and it's the same as the Tantrum and I've seen MANY MANY ads in magazines for a new breed of 7-spokers that all look the same as the old-school Tantrum. Doesn't matter what brand they are, seems like a lot of companies are puttin' out the Tantrum style wheels though. I guess they're NOT outdated afterall... If they are, please correct me.
    '95 Accord EX

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    Hey bro...have a 95 Accord and I have Quantum Tek Alloys. Mine are the s-08's. I've gotten nothing but complements on them. Look tight as hell. If I could go back though...I'd go lightweight and get Centerlines, but if your just going for looks they're definitely attention grabbers. You can check em out and see if you like them at If you don't like them, go with the Tantrums :smile:
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    Need I say any more

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