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    who is PENCIL and when can we ban him

    Well if not one else will

    WHO: Sweetlust

    WHAT OR HOW: Bound and Anally

    WHEN: After work hours.

    WHERE: In her office
  2. Car hasnt run in a year fuel pump didnt help

    h22 is a lot of work to put into any civic, but hasport does have mounts for it and the newest sport compact car has a how-to
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    KW Coilover suspensions

    so far, will all agree the softest springs are the Teins? so they would probibly be the best for a daily driver, who just want to ride low?
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    SVO Manifold on D Series motor

    multifit will be for cast iron head. id also just do the machining of the mating faces and file out the mounting holes till they fit.people have used a J pipe off the stock manifold with success so...
  5. Yonaka Motorsports Full Coilover Kit from only 499 99

    I would like a kit like this, the RRS kits are very expensive. I made an enquiry about the manual rack and pinion steering and was shocked at the 2700 plus postage, maybe I was a little naive...
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    Exspensive vs Cheap Turbo kits

    not sure if youre aware or not but there are actually 2 different greddy kits. Greddy kit a with the TD04 turbo and kit b with the TD05 turbo.

    I bought a 2nd hand TD05 kit and it has been...
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