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  1. Competition Clutch Kits Flywheels and Clutch and Flywheel Combos

    The reason the 949 Racing twin disk is more pricey is because it comes with the flywheel which is mated to this particular clutch.

    I cant wait for mine to arrive
  2. Peakboost FTW Turbo Systems 2899 00 Shipped

    So if someone wanted to do this, a list of everything required would be:

    ex Manifold
    ex manifold gasket
    turbo gasket
    dump to stock cat gasket
    oil feel lines
    coolant feed lines
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    B Series Dohc Vtec Forged Valves 150

    1st post
    so did you know what the compression ratio worked out to be?

    i searched and searched, i think it will work out to around 8.5 - 9.0 :1 . depends if you deck the block and head
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    Blackworks racing weighted shift knob

    Im looking to buy a shift knob that is threaded.
    Of course the C280 has a unique design for the shift knobs that it doesnt allow for much modification to be done to it besides swapping knobs with...
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