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  1. Thread: Re:Rim size

    by Auroragep

    Re Rim size

    What size nitrous line should I be running on a Dry setup. I just ordered an AJ controller and getting the rest of the setup all put together. Any suggestions would be helpful
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    Installing my Turbo But how do I

    a 450 pump and deka 80s will probably be maxed right about your goal on pump 92 . BUT if you think you will want more build the fuel system for more now 2 450s and 210 injectors will support your...
  3. AEM Intakes Short Ram Cold Air Hybrid and AEM V2 Air Intake Kits

    DOes anyone have any firm data for gains to behad for Cold Air Intakes on NC mx5.

    My car has MX5 plus headers, exhaust and currently puts out 104 kw atw.

    Not sure on QLD rules re same whether...
  4. Brake Rotors and Pads Exclusive sale from RacingBrake

    I ran Winmax W3s for a few years mainly on the street with the occasional track use. Work very well from cold, low dust and tolerate a bit of heat. What ever choice you make change the brake fluid...
  5. Brake Rotors and Pads Exclusive sale from RacingBrake

    I fitted QFM HPX pads and DBA disc brakes australia discs to my NA not long after I bought it just over a year ago. Could not be happier. They did replace glazed Bendix pads that left a lot to be...
  6. Thread: To Shawn3168

    by Auroragep

    To Shawn3168

    This band is really good I was inspired by Shawn Everetts mixing work - he has a very unique, saturated sound where he can make things sound very mid-heavy and loud with sometimes extremely low DR...
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