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    95 V6 Accord intermittent start

    I have a 1992 Accord that wont start sometimes. It seems to occur after filling my tank or when the car is warm and i shut it off, then right after shutting it off i try to start it and it wont...
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    Which turbo Kit From where

    Hey guys I talked to Kenny at ZPI earlier today and he said they finally received all the piping for their turbo kits. They should be releasing them sometime within the next week or two. No word on...
  3. Yonaka Motorsports Full Coilover Kit from only 499 99

    Quick somebody buy the kit and write a review so we can all start saving up our tax returns, oh I mean car parts funds. But seriously the price doesnt seem that bad considering what rrs charges for...
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    ntvtec and 91tegkid

    Weak Nino and a likely -PDOfinally. Lets see what we can do. Not only for this upcoming winter, but for the 2019 severe season, because Ive given up on this one.
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